How to Market Yourself as a Yoga Teacher in Your Area

yoga instructor marketing

Now that you’ve opened up your own yoga business, what’s next for your studio? Well, you have to make sure that you have students who are willing to enroll in your classes. In order to do that, you have to market your yoga business. When yoga teachers run their own studios, they’re not only instructors but also business owners. That’s why yoga instructor marketing is required before offering services. Here’s how to do that:

How Yoga instructor marketing is Essential for a Business?

No matter what business you have, a marketing plan is always essential if you want it to succeed. According to the Australian Business Community, your yoga instructor marketing includes several things:

  • Helping you know who your competitors are
  • Allowing you to determine your business’ target market
  • Giving you the chance to position your brand
  • Enabling you to come out with strategies to help promote your brand
  • Providing you with the necessary budget to help you with your promotional materials

All of these things can be done if you have the right type of marketing strategy. The same concepts that are used in any other business can be and should be applied to your yoga business. Yoga instructor marketing is very important in succeeding in running their respective classes.

Tips to Boost Your Yoga instructor marketing in the Neighbourhood 

Now that we’ve established why it’s very important for a yoga instructor to have a marketing plan, the next thing to do is to learn how to market yourself as a yoga instructor.

Here are a few marketing tips for yoga teachers that are proven to be effective:

Word of Mouth

The charm and appeal of yoga come from personal treatment. Unlike gyms wherein the trainer just teaches you skills and techniques, yoga is about the instructor forming a bond with the students and teaching them the principles that allow them to elevate themselves to a higher level of consciousness and serenity. Teaching yoga isn’t just about learning how to breathe and stretch.

That’s why word of mouth is a very powerful tool. If your students feel the deep connection you have with them, they’ll definitely spread the word around and invite friends. So, to make word of mouth marketing work, you have to bond with your clients and encourage them to invite friends. Give some extras, as well such as personalized classes just in case some clients want. All these will definitely help.

Position Your Brand

When businesses position their brands, they make sure that a certain imagery will be implanted into the heads of their potential clients. A yoga studio isn’t all that different. You have to ask yourself— what do you want people to think when they see your studio. This is where you’ll play around with visual elements.

Do you want people to relax or feel zen when they enter your studio? Make your logo and your decorations relaxing. Use a lot of plants and dim lights in your studio. Put a fountain and play relaxing music.

Or maybe you’d like a more hip yoga studio. If so, decorate with bright pictures and use bright lights. Also, put on some fast-paced music to fit the vibe.

Choose how you want to promote your brand and position it that way.

Take to the Internet

Internet marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing your studio because it allows you to reach a wide audience. Now one very important thing to think of is always making sure that you reach out to your LOCAL audience. Obviously, your studio will be in a city or town where you’re residing. So, it will be useless to reach out to an audience outside your city.

That said, start with social media. When you boost posts, concentrate solely on your area or cities near your area that people can drive to. Most social media platforms allow businesses to specifically target their market based on area, so use this to your advantage.

Other than social media, you can also try blogging. Yoga blogs are very popular these days, so you can take advantage of this. Once again, make sure you target locally by using keywords targeted to your city and infographics that target people in your area.

Print Out Flyers

These days, people don’t post ads on posts or hand out flyers anymore. Now, their flyers are just inside their centers and posted as a soft copy on their social media platforms. You have to do the same thing for your yoga studio. In your flyer ad, there has to be a lot of info regarding the yoga classes you offer, your rates, and schedule. Keep everything transparent with your flyers so that your customers know what you’re about.


So these are a few tips that you can use in order to begin some form of yoga instructor marketing. Always remember that no matter what business you’re in, you need marketing. Even something as simple as a yoga studio needs a marketing plan. Without a comprehensive marketing plan, you won’t be able to get in the number of customers you want.

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