How a Good and Forgiving Boss Responds to Mistakes

Workplace forgiveness importance

As a boss, you are responsible for leading your team properly. And although it can be challenging, it’s fulfilling, too. There is something satisfying about seeing your team grow and develop. However, you also need to accept the fact that your employees will also make mistakes. Yes, these mistakes can sometimes be potentially annoying. But, as a leader, your response can put workplace forgiveness importance in the spotlight. It can even teach your team members more on workplace compassion and forgiveness.

So, what if an employee makes a mistake? How will you incorporate workplace forgiveness as a leader? If you want to know how to manage employees when they make mistakes, read on.

Workplace Forgiveness Importance

Here is a list of mistakes employees frequently make, and solutions on how to deal with them:


Many employees feel uncomfortable when making decisions. This can frustrate managers easily as a result. Moreover, if this continues to happen, you won’t be able to teach your employees about taking action.

To solve this problem, allow your team members to think and answer their own questions. When an employee asks you what he should do, tell him that you don’t know. Then, ask him what he thinks the solution is. So, instead of giving direction, encourage that employee to think critically. This will not only empower your employee but will also boost his engagement.

Communication Issues

Dealing with employee mistakes is challenging, especially when communication is the issue. There are many communication mistakes that employees often make. The first is not communicating all details with the manager properly. So, your employees either don’t share enough information or they share too much. A manager who doesn’t know enough will miss out on a lot of important updates. For the record, for the future of your business, this is devastating.

Another communication issue is frequency. Some managers want regular status updates and like to communicate daily. At the same time, others don’t need daily communication and communicate occasionally.

Manager ‘musts’

Most managers don’t like employees who refuse to share bad news with them. It’s very important for employees to let their managers know if a problem happens. Any other scenario can easily upset the manager.

The solution is to inform employees of your communication preference. This applies to both detail and frequency. Let your staffers know some key points on daily tasks. Also, work on your communication protocol. Most problems occur due to poor communication. It’s best to practice effective communication with your staffers daily, thus preventing lasting problems.


Talking about people and issues in the workplace is inevitable, but gossiping is different. Gossip is not only misleading, but it can be hurtful as well. If you notice workplace gossiping, see this as a chance to spread positive workplace vibes.

Workplace forgiveness importance is not a concept we should ignore. As a leader, you need to educate your employees about the harmful effects of gossiping. You can also encourage your team to ask questions and ask for help if a workplace problem occurs.

No Productivity

Some employees like to initiate many projects, but don’t deliver results. This upsets most managers. The reason for this is because false promises hurt the business.

To solve this issue, you can try practicing accountability. Tell your team members that results are important for the business growth and success. You can also teach them a few important project management skills. These include creating delivery schedules and respecting them. Even if someone doesn’t deliver on time, make sure that your employees keep their word.


Many team members may refuse to collaborate. Of course, it is common for employees to disagree. But, you still need to think of solutions when communication problems happen.

It is easy to show workplace compassion and forgiveness. Forgive employees who don’t want to cooperate. Let it go. However, make sure you talk to them individually and as a team. In addition, you need to try and understand their communication difficulties. Explain how their behavior affects the workplace performance and success. Also, remember not to take sides. Instead, speak as an adult and allow your employees to solve their own issues.


Workplace forgiveness importance is crucial for every business. In fact, forgiveness will help keep a harmonious working environment. As a manager, you play a key role in navigating your business issues and mistakes. However, don’t take these problems too personally. Instead, try to see them as opportunities to train your employees to do better. Frustrations are inevitable in any business. But, here you have the responsibility to develop strong working groups and individuals. Your favorable approach to these somewhat disappointing activities will serve as a great example for your team members. And always keep workplace forgiveness imprtance in mind- it’s the key to success!

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