How to Reduce WiFi EMF Radiation Exposure?

WiFi EMF Radiation

Wi-Fi is considered to pose risks to one’s overall health. Various accounts and researches verify the hazardous effects of WiFi EMF radiation. Even more, a study by Akdag et al.,2016 showed that prolonged frequencies attributed to Wi-Fi device exposure induce DNA damage to rat tissues.

Another research by Avenado et al.,2012 found out that usage of laptop computers connected to Wi-Fi leads to a decrease in sperm motility and a proportional increase in DNA fragmentation of the sperm. Oxidative stress to the brain and liver was also observed by Celik et al., 2016 of rats developing newborns or experiencing pregnancy.

A compilation of other adverse effects by Pall (2018), furthermore, relayed other effects, including neuropsychiatric changes, cell deaths, calcium overload, endocrine and other hormonal changes, abnormal postnatal development, changes in weight, among others.

What is more bothersome here is the fact that EMF effects are irreversible and cumulative, which means it can only get worse through long exposure. Also, research shows that young people are most susceptible to radiation repercussions given the small skulls and high stem cell density relative to older people (Lee et al., 2014; Belyaev et al., 2009).

In this article, several ways on how to reduce EMF radiation from Wi-Fi and how to become proactive with your surrounding devices.

Ways to Reduce WiFi EMF Radiation Exposure

Due to the wide range of health effects of WiFi EMF radiation exposure, European associations relayed guidelines to prevent EMF-related illnesses. Enumerated below are some of the ways compiled by Belyaev et al., 2016 to be proactive about them, ways where we could practice EMF protection:

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What you can do with your electric devices?
  • Fundamentally, limit your exposure to devices that make use of Wi-Fi as they are potential sources of EMF radiation. This includes wireless devices, phones, TVs, entertainment, printers, desktops, surveillance systems, among others, at home, offices, or cars.
  • Make it a habit to avoid using electric devices. Rather than directly checking your phone upon waking up, you can grab a coffee, sit in a quiet space, and read newspapers or magazines. This is a gradual process but will surely reap more benefits in due time.
  • Maintain short calls using cellphones and cordless phones. In this way, you minimize the exposure length to radiation. When calling, use speakerphones and maintain reasonable distance with the device. Distance is inversely proportional to the radiation intensity.
  • When not in use, switch your mobile phones to airplane mode, turning off Wi-fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, and other field communications included in the setting. This is especially applicable when the phone is near to your body. Your body becomes electromagnetic filed sink whereas reducing the distance of exposure diminishes the risks.
  • If you have the option, use hardware Ethernet cable (LAN) instead of Wi-Fi routers. You need not worry as most LAN routers nowadays come with Wi-Fi auxiliaries. You can seek help from your service provider to perform this task.
  • If possible, use incandescent lamps as the energy-efficient lighting fluorescent lamps incur high-frequency transients to the proximate bodies. Other high quality and environmentally conscious options are available as well in the market.

While you are sleeping, turn off and disconnect your Wi-Fi routers. Unused devices contribute to the electric field density in the area.

How to Optimise Your Home against WiFi EMF Radiation?
  • Place your wirings and routers away from your bed or working space. A guideline of 30 cm from these wirings is recommended. This is to reduce the distance of exposure.
  • Electromagnetic waves, in nature, can pass through walls and solid phases. In this case, you have to be mindful as well of the devices in the adjacent room or those beneath or above your bed.
  • Electric blankets can be turned off and disconnected while sleeping. This diminishes the frequency rate.

For running motors, keep a safe distance of 1.5 meters or approximately 5 feet from them.

What to Do with Static Items?

To properly reduce WiFi EMF radiation exposure, try the following:

  • Sleep on a bed with no-metal components. Metals induce electromagnetic field, thereby increasing the frequency rate.
  • Minimize your distance away from iron materials, including radiators and steel.
  • Wear synthetic clothing (i.e., rubber-sole shoes) to minimize electric density and reduce static electricity from the floor. Cotton clothing, rather than clothes with metal accessories, is more suitable to diminish the accumulation of static electricity.
WiFi EMF Radiation Exposure: Conclusion

Radiation attributed to electric devices and Wi-Fi incurs adverse effects on human health. In the age of technology today, it is not hard to keep away from these devices. However, we can be proactive in applying ways to reduce radiation by practicing EMF protection.

From minimizing device usage, turning off when not needed, and reducing your distance to them, these steps can come a long way to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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