Should You Worry About WiFi and EMF Radiation?

WiFI and EMF radiation

WiFi and EMF radiation are highly complex subjects to understand, considering the stigma surrounding both. Although it has already been documented in many academic resources, it seems that the details are still mystifying. That’s until yesterday, at least.

This is because, nowadays, you will build a more sensitive understanding about it, alongside the nuts and bolts behind their possible effects on human health. This article aims to be your scalable guide to learn the basics of WiFi and EMF radiation.

Effects of the WiFi and EMF Radiation

A new study raised concerns among experts regarding the possible connection between cancer and WiFi and EMF radiation. In fact, research on rodents, with a 25-million government fund, made it more difficult to answer the puzzle. One hanging question is that why and how today’s wireless technologies are relevant to this study.

For your information, routers utilize RF (radio frequency) energy, a type of electromagnetic radiation. By that, it can deliver wireless internet to your laptop or other gadgets. Your smart-watches utilize RF so it can connect to your mobile phone. The same goes for your Bluetooth speaker and headphones, as they depend on these signals to let you enjoy music.

What Do Electromagnetic Fields Look Like?

Are they tangible and easily visible? These substances illuminate, especially at night. They will stream in through the walls, ceilings, and windows. Furthermore, they are actually energy waves that have frequencies, reaching 300 cycles per second. That’s why they are not visible to our eyes and travel through any space. Day after day, people face harmful WiFI and EMF radiation everywhere they go.

As a normal part of bodily functions, there is little electricity in the body in terms of chemical reactions. This is true even there is no application of external fields. On this account, there are many biochemical reactions, like digestion and brain activity, that also reorientate the charged particles. Even your heart has actual electrical charges, which can only be traced with the use of an electrocardiogram.

Low-frequency electric fields affect various body tissues with charged particles. When these electrical fields are part of conductive materials, they have a sheer effect on the distribution of charges, particularly at their surface.

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Conversely, low-frequency magnetic fields bring about the induction of circulating electricity within the body. In connection to this, the strength of these flowing currents varies according to the intensity of the external magnetic field. This implies that if the currents are sufficiently large, they can lead to the stimulation of muscles and nerves. Not only that, but they can also have a detrimental impact on the biological processes of the body.

Both magnetic and electric fields induce current and voltages within the body. However, despite their direct presence beneath transmission lines, the currents that have been produced are minimal as compared to the thresholds when it comes to the production of several electrical effects such as shocks.

Effects of Long-Term WiFi and EMF Radiation Exposure 

One of the most significant biological impacts of Electromagnetic fields pollution is heating. This is possible regarding the source of EMFs. For example, these fields exist in microwaves we use daily. On this account, the exposure that humans receive from the level of EMFs is comparatively lower than those required in the production of significant heating.

The heating impact of radio waves serves to be one of the most scalable guides for researchers and scientists in studying the health effect of EMFs on human. Also, current scientific investigations aim to disclose its effects below its threshold level, also a result of long-term EMF exposure.

By the time of this write-up, there are no documented adverse health effects on the low level of EMF pollution. However, long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields has already been credited. However, there are still many scientists who are on their collective efforts to finally debunk the real score behind the adverse effects of Electromagnetic fields on human health.

There are also numerous epidemiological studies suggesting that any possible increase in the risk of leukemia, particularly on children with exposure to low-frequency fields at home. However, many scientists note that these results imply a cause-effect relationship between diseases and exposure to the field. This conclusion has been partly established because of the failure of animal and laboratory studies to display any considerable impacts that are consistent with the hypothesis about the occurrence of childhood cancer due to exposure to electromagnetic fields.

An Urgent Need for Awareness on Electromagnetic Fields

People love the advancement of technology. They always desire instant results from the available products in the market. For example, an electric stove is highly popular due to its convenience and immediate results.

However, the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from this electronic device are overlooked. Consequently, the illnesses obtained from years of exposure manifest in the later stage of life. Upon knowing the diagnosis, the only thing they can do is to spend more money on medication. Expensive hospital bills will also lead you to poverty and miserable life.

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IS RADIATION From Your Cell Phone Making You Sick? Our health and lives are at stake, and that isn’t overstating the case.