What materials can block EMF?

What materials can block EMF

What materials can block EMF? If you are worried about EMF (Electromagnetic Radiation Forces from your electronic devices such as smartphones, ovens, laptops, etc., there are certain materials you can use to block EMF.

What materials can block EMF?


Copper is very effective in reducing levels of EMF radiation. It is one of the most reliable materials in the world when it protects against most radiofrequency waves. It is usually in the form of copper mesh when used against EMF radiation and can absorb both radio and magnetic forms.

The thickness of the copper wire mesh is not important as the material will still attract the wavelengths. What’s important, though, are the holes within the metal, which can’t be larger than the shortest wavelength of the frequencies you’re trying to stop.

It is important to note that while the mesh blocks EMF radiation and other types such as microwave radiation, it does not absorb or attract it. Radiation travels in a straight line, so to be fully protected, the mesh must be directly between the mesh and your body. Another problem is that EMF rays or WiFi in the home will simply bounce off the copper, meaning they will still be present in your home. Be careful about this when choosing how to use copper mesh in your home, as it will not be effective in reducing lightning, only redirecting it.

Therefore, it may be best to choose another option when considering using copper mesh on items in your home, such as smart meters and Wi-Fi routers, that emit large amounts of EMF radiation.

This is because the waves will simply be reflected by the room, instead of being absorbed. Which copper mesh is great for keeping EMF rays at bay outdoors? Copper mesh is often used on windows as a screen and can be put into a film that can be pasted on windows to reduce EMF radiation from outside, without compromising visibility.


Textiles that shield high-frequency electromagnetic fields are used, for example, as:

  • Curtains to cover window and door openings
  • Canopy over the bed
  • Textile wallpaper
  • In bedding materials (duvet, mattress pad)
  • Clothing (available in stores)
  • The base material usually consists of nylon or perlon fibers. Coating with silver, copper, aluminum, nickel, or gold takes place chemically or electrochemically (galvanically).
  • Allergy sufferers should avoid fabrics with added nickel. Clothing containing copper can darken due to oxidation. Silver-plated fibers seem to work best, as they also stand up to dry cleaning.
  • “Shielding mats” in the bed, under, or on the mattress, are not suitable because under certain circumstances low-frequency alternating fields can be coupled much more strongly.

    EMF Shield Paints:

    New patented screen painting technology is very effective in frequencies up to 40 GHz. Shielding paints based on graphene (an allotropic form of carbon) have many advantages, including high-frequency radio exposure from mobile phones, mobile internet, 5G, WLAN (Wi-Fi) DECT (indoor cordless telephones), 3G/UMTS, 2G GSM, and DCS, 4G/TE, etc. are shielded up to 50 dB which corresponds to an efficiency of 99.997%.

    The Faraday Fabric:

    The Faraday Fabric is one of the powerful conducting materials which you can use to shield EMF. Also, it can block radiofrequency and electromagnetic interference. The composition of this product blocks effectively Wi-Fi, GPS, cell signals, Bluetooth, and RFID.

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    Wood as screen material:

    If you want to build something new, you could build with wood. Massive wooden wall elements with larch wood formwork shield high-frequency electromagnetic fields very well. In a test, it turned out that larch wood is superior to other. Sometimes more expensive woods such as oak in terms of shielding performance.

    How are EMF shielding materials used?

    Due to these challenges, it would be ideal to use EMF blocking materials in certain areas. Areas where you want to reduce very high levels of EMF. Especially where people in your office or home spend a significant time.

    For example, you may want to protect your bed from a nearby smart meter or fuse box that may be outside the house or close to your head. Or if you live near a cell phone tower, you may want to shield the wall or side of your house or apartment that faces this powerful source of EMF to reduce your exposure.


    Please keep in mind:

    In shielded rooms, it is difficult or impossible to use telephones, baby monitors with technology, and mobile phones. To enable reception, the devices increase the respective transmission power. This leads to a higher burden for the caller.

    In addition, shielding measures are sometimes extremely expensive and complex. The cost-benefit ratio is quite questionable given the study situation.

    The large market for experts is also teeming with dubious providers who fuel the fears of those affected and use them for their business. Therefore, compare the various offers in peace.

    It is not usually possible to eliminate all EMF radiation. But you can lower levels with the proper application of shielding material.

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