How to Properly Wear Your Magnetic Therapy Bracelet?

wear magnetic therapy bracelets

Did you know that if you wear magnetic therapy bracelets, you protect your overall health?

In fact, alternative methods in medicine are becoming more and more popular. In ancient times, magnetic bracelets have been known for having lots of healing effects. As of today, there are a lot of products that have magnetic features to treat their pain that is caused by arthritis as well as other pain in other parts of the body.

Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

One of the trending magnetic therapies of today comes in the form of a bracelet that has EMF protection that protects the user from certain joint pains. Another important role that a magnetic therapy bracelet plays is that its EMF protection can also protect the user against bad radiation from cellular phones and other electronic gadgets.

One might think that a magnetic therapy bracelet appears metallic and only has one appearance for all the products in the entire globe. In fact, they come in different appearances, like its color or design that you can choose from. It gives both healing effects and a sense of fashion as well.

How to Properly Wear Magnetic Therapy Bracelets?

There are two main words that one must remember: practicality and comfort. If you want to wear magnetic therapy bracelets for EMF protection, be aware of your wrist size, especially when ordering online. In case the bracelet is too tight, it will not feel comfortable.

Instead of enjoying its therapeutic effects, you will just use it to set it aside on top of a desk. If the bracelet is too loose, chances are, there would be a lot of instances when you unintentionally drop it from your wrist.

You must make sure that the magnetic therapy bracelet is not too tight and not too loose; in other words: a perfect fit. If you plan to buy a bracelet from an actual shop, be sure that the salesperson can adjust it. If you buy it online, be sure that the bracelet is bigger than your wrist. Due to this, it must come with an adjusting tool included in the package.

What Hand To Wear Magnetic Therapy Bracelets On?

Some people wonder which arm to wear magnetic therapy bracelets on. Experienced wearers take their dominant hand, into consideration when they wear their magnetic therapy bracelets. If you’re right-handed, you would most likely wear the bracelet on your left hand so that you wouldn’t feel discomfort while writing.

Best Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

Looking for the most effective magnetic bracelets can be a bit complicated, especially if you want to buy online. However, here is a shortlist of the best magnetic therapy bracelets available online:

  1. Quanthor Black Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

This simply appears masculine with its black appearance, so it can most likely be a perfect fit for a man. This is a handcrafted magnetic therapy bracelet to ensure an excellent quality, and a firmer grasp on the wrist for a more secured fitting.

It contains the strongest earth bio-magnet, also known as ‘Unipolar Neodymium Magnet’. Also, it comes with a free ‘Tourmaline Pendant’ that is shaped like a dog tag but has a better design on its surface. It can help in regulating the blood circulation with its extra negative ions.

For people who are experiencing carpal tunnels, this can relieve their pain. As for the ones with arthritis, this therapeutic magnetic bracelet can be of great help in treating their condition. It comes with free tools that let you adjust it in case that the bracelet has more circumference than your wrist.

  1. Quanthor Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet QMBC

This one comes in copper and can also enhance a woman’s appearance. It also provides energy to withstand joint pain. Furthermore, it comes with bio-magnetic capabilities that help relieve different body aches.

With the feminine tourmaline pendant in a teardrop shape, we are talking about more than just fashion. In fact, the pendant also keeps the blood circulation balanced and strong.

  1. Quanthor 2-in-1 Rubberized Magnetic Therapy Bracelet QTB

This effective magnetic therapy bracelet contains germanium that strengthens the immune system and helps with the prevention of migraines. This appears to have a fashionable rubber cover and comes in a pair of red and black bracelets.

It also has ‘Far Infrared’ ceramic capability to absorb some energy from outside sources and transfer it to the wearer for a more relieving experience. You can adjust the bracelet like a waist belt, so it fits perfectly.


No one would ever want to be sick, which is why the world continues its job in seeking cures to incurable diseases. Thanks to the new advancements in medical technology because these magnetic therapy accessories are also helping in human treatment.

The EMF protection from bracelets serves as a pain reliever if you wear it properly. As long as the bracelets are not too loose or too tight, you can actually feel the stress leave.

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