Athletes and EFT Tapping: What are Its Benefits?

tapping therapy for athletes

Being a professional athlete has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Because of the nature of their work, professional athletes constantly face high-pressure environments. These can have negative effects on their health, both mental and physical. Because of that, many turn to the natural method to find balance- using tapping therapy for athletes.

These negative effects, in turn, can affect their performance at their respective sports. This is why maintaining their mental health along their physical health is vital to their continued survival in their chosen field of sport.

Using tapping therapy for athletes can help them cope with the stressful environment that comes with being in their chosen field.

To further learn about how tapping therapy for athletes can help them, read on.

What is EFT tapping?

Emotional freedom technique, or more commonly known as EFT tapping, is a form of alternative treatment that can help restore one’s balance in energy and alleviate negative emotions, and physical pain.

It uses a similar idea with acupuncture, a Chinese alternative method that uses needles for treating various ailments. However, instead of using needles to put pressure on one’s meridian points or “energy hot spots,” a practitioner uses their fingertips to apply pressure on these points.

By applying pressure to various points in the body, one can restore the balance of their energy and this will help relieve issues such as physical pain and negative emotions.

Some of the symptoms that EFT tapping can help with are:

  • Depressive symptoms
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Weight loss issues
  • Stress, especially chronic stress
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances

Because EFT has the ability to relieve these symptoms, some considered it to be a healthy alternative to alleviate EMF exposure effects. So, in a way, you may consider it as an alternative method for EMF protection and the like. This is why more and more people are starting to believe in its benefits, including athletes.

EFT Tapping Therapy for Athletes: Why Do They Need It?

As mentioned, professional athletes have intense competitions perform under higher pressure. This makes them more susceptible to mental health issues like depression and anxiety issues.

EFT therapy has been proven to have positive effects in treating these mental health issues which can help professional athletes cope with the demands of their career.

Moreover, mental blocks, the result in a stressful environment, can greatly affect their sports performance. By undergoing EFT tapping therapy, they can remove mental blocks, performing under no stress.

Because the emotional freedom technique can relieve pain, athletes use it as a way to cope with pain without using medication.

The names who have used EFT tapping therapy for athletes are plenty. These include Paul Gallen, a former rugby footballer, Bralon Taplin, a sprinter who competed at the World Championships in Beijing, and Jorge Reyes, the Oregon State Beavers pitcher. All of them were seen tapping during their games, thus performing better and become more focused during their matches.

EFT Tapping Therapy for Athletes – Is It Effective?

While further research is still necessary, recent studies suggest this therapy can manage some conditions like PTSD and anxiety.

For example, one study observed the effects of using EFT tapping on patients suffering from PTSD. After a month of therapy, the participants reported positive results in terms of reducing their psychological stress.

Another study also made a comparison of the effectiveness of EFT tapping with standard anxiety management treatment options. It concluded that the emotional freedom technique showed a significant positive effect on the reduction of anxiety levels of the participants.

Presently, there is some evidence that shows its effectiveness as an alternative treatment. Even so, current research is still limited in terms of studies and their validity.

Nevertheless, EFT tapping can be a great way to help professional athletes with their mental health issues, allowing them to keep themselves fit mentally as well as physically.


To summarize, EFT tapping is an alternative treatment similar to acupuncture. Unlike acupuncture, it uses “fingertip tapping” as a way to apply pressure to the various meridian points instead of needles.

It offers many health benefits, especially in reducing anxiety and PTSD symptoms. However, its effectiveness is still a matter of studies and research.

Nevertheless, there have been some studies that show positive effects in terms of relieving negative emotions and stress. These can be greatly beneficial to professional athletes whose chosen career entails the to be exposed to a more stressful environment.

After all, keeping the mental health in top shape is vital to professional athletes looking for superb performance.

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