The Connection Between Schumann Resonance and Sound Meditation

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Various cultures in the world have used sound as a tool for healing. For instance, the Hindus use the mantra in order to move to a place of balance. In fact, there are many sound healing benefits you are probably not taking advantage of right now. Sound therapy not only improves the emotional life of a patient but also leads to psychological, social, and motor functioning. It is a deeply centering experience to connect to the Earth’s vibration.

However, the earth’s geomagnetic field can be affected by the Schumann resonance spike. This article explains everything you need to know on Schumann Resonance and understandingall sound healing benefits.

The Connection Between Schumann Resonance and Sound Meditation

Schumann resonance is an electromagnetic resonance which originates from electrical discharges of lighting within the cavity of the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. In 1952, Winfred Otto Schumann discovered that the frequency created by the Earth and the Ionosphere is 7.83 Hz. It is believed that the Earth uses this natural frequency to protect all living things in it.

This frequency of the Earth’s Schumann resonance vibration has also been found to be very powerful when it comes to brainwave entrainment. It entrains the brain into the Theta and Alpha brainwave state. Entrainment synchronizes the brain waves by offering a frequency that it can attune to.

Koenig’s Discovery

In 1979, a scientist named Herbert Koenig came up with a surprising discovery. Herbert discovered that there is a correlation between the Earth’s vibration and the vibration produced by the human brain. He discovered that Schumann Resonance frequency, 7.83 Hz, has the same frequency of Alpha and Theta brainwaves.

It is probably for this reason that this frequency associates with vibes and sounds. Schumann resonance expresses sounds from the electric power created between Earth and the ionosphere. However, due to an increase in electromagnetic waves, the natural vibration of the Earth faces damage and destabilization.

Sources of EMF

The electromagnetic contamination mostly comes from things such as mobile phones, microwaves, electric poles, and satellites. This contamination is likely to cause stress, anxiety, and depression. Not forgetting the Schumann resonance spike that occurs from time to time and affects us.

It is time for us to tune in with our natural environment. Fortunately, there are many benefits that can be accrued from the Schumann Resonance vibrations. By just listening to these vibrations, our mental health and physical health are likely to change significantly. According to NASA research, SR meditation is also effective in protecting us from the influences of electromagnetic smog.  

The Theta and Alpha rhythms range between 4-8 Hz and associate with meditation and deep relaxation. When this happens, our bodies and the Earth come into resonance. As a result, we sleep better, have better hormonal levels and obtain an overall body balance. According to Dr. Robert Beck from the USA, the earth’s frequency can also improve immune responses and enhance growth.

Frequencies for Healing At Present

Today, various frequencies are used for healing. The frequencies induce production of beta in the brain, which is responsible for feelings of happiness, balance, and well-being. By using frequency, we entrain our brain to shift from the beta, alpha, theta, and delta state. The beta state represents normal waking consciousness. Next, the alpha state is a state of relaxed consciousness, while the theta state is meditative. Finally, the delta state is sleep. Scientists believe that the brain dances to these rhythms and changes function in 1-2 hours.

Defining sound therapy benefits and healing

Sound therapy healing is a treatment that urges the patient to hear sounds, while in a place of stillness.

Listening to music that contains the Schumann frequency as the binaural beat frequency has a maximum effect. Whether you are healthy or feeling out of place, your frequency changes.

Meditation Sound Healing Benefits

Wondering what are the benefits of sound healing? Sounds come at different frequencies. When we match our own waves with sound frequencies that are necessary for healing, we are likely to experience relaxation.

There are many sound healing benefits which stem from meditation.

  • Cure Ailments

One of the sound healing benefits is that it can help improve and cure any ailments so that your body is able to achieve total wellness. These ailments include stress, pain, psychological and behavioral disorder, PTSD, mood swings, anxiety disorder, and negative emotions. Other sound healing benefits include the regulation of high blood pressure, autism, and sleep disorders.

  • Offers Relaxation

When our bodies and minds stress out, our relationship with sound also changes. One of the key sound healing benefits is that it helps us achieve relaxation. Sound creates a pathway to stillness so that you are able to achieve meditation.

By regular chanting or listening to good music, we can handle all stressful situations effectively. 

  • Helps Achieve Balance and Clarity

With the environment surrounding us and the electromagnets from electronic devices, it can help you find balance and inner peace. Sound can help us achieve a state of harmony and clarity so that you can live a well-balanced life.


According to research, sound therapy benefits can have a relaxing and balancing effect on the brain. The Schumann resonance meditation binaural beat relieves depression, improves health, rejuvenates your body, and enhances creativity, as well as problem-solving. It is evident that there is a strong connection between the Schumann Resonance and Sound meditation.