Side-Effects of EMF Exposure: How Serious Is It?

side-effects of EMF exposure

It’s no secret that in these recent years, technology has become a staple in our daily lives. From the early morning unto the wee hours of the night, we mostly rely on technology to lessen our workload and relief. However, balance exists in everything. While we enjoy the fruits of technological advancement, we also experience its downside. One of the biggest and unseen threats nowadays seems to be the terrible side-effects of EMF exposure.

Health concerns related to the effects of being exposed to radiation from computer and phone screens have been a popular topic nationwide. This article will give insight into one of the frequently asked questions: can EMF exposure impact our body cells?

Defining EMF

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are generated by a flow of electric charges and electric fields. EMFs naturally exist on the Earth’s magnetic fields wherein navigational instruments such as compasses rely on pinpointing which direction is north and which is south. Unfortunately, although it can be man-made, we rarely discuss the side-effects of EMF exposure to our health.

What are the Side-effects of EMF Exposure?

Feeling the side-effects of EMF exposure is not as rare as you think. Remember, our body naturally creates electric impulses due to nerves relaying signals to important body parts. However, due to the repeated use of electricity-generated gadgets and devices, exposure to these electric fields have reached an all-time high. The unfortunate truth is that everyone faces the side-effects of EMF exposure, whether at home or work.

Being said, the harmful side-effects of EMF exposure and radiation have been a staple subject in the household in recent years. Headaches and migraines can easily occur due to our excessive use of phones and Bluetooth headsets. Even the gradual loss of hearing and sight can happen by excessively using your TV,  computers, and phones.

EMF Exposure: Biological Effects versus Health Hazards

Biological effects are the reactions of the human body to natural or man-made stimuli. These effects are non-life threatening and shouldn’t really affect one’s health. However, when these actions repeat themselves, they can become a serious health hazard.

For example, eating causes the body to experience the biological effect of digestion and absorption of nutrients. If one succumbs to excessive eating, the body can experience discomfort. In turn, this can result in experiencing out-of-the-ordinary stomachaches. This is similar to EMF exposure. The more one faces exposure, the more harm it may bring to someone.

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Side-effects of EMF Exposure to the Body Cells

The human body is composed of trillions and trillions of cells. These cells make it possible for the human body to send “messages” to the brain and make other bodily functions. However, studies show that outer factors can interrupt these natural processes. As a result, this can leads to biological changes, or worse, health scares. Moreover, EMFs and their radiation can directly bypass a cell’s defense mechanism and activate a stress response.

While several types of research have already been conducted on animal trials, there has still been no conclusive evidence and further research has been encouraged by the Word Health Organization (WHO) to fill in the blanks and give a concrete link to produce more comprehensive and irrefutable results.

Cells facing Oxidative Stress

During a cell’s stress response, EMFs produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) which becomes harmful when it affects homeostasis and produces excess oxidants in a cell. In other words, EMFs creates an imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants in the cell.

When such a thing occurs, health complications such as necrosis, loss of libido, and cancer may occur. Even though the brain and the nervous system have a strong metabolic mechanism, the neurons are affected, resulting in cells becoming cells with oxidative stress. This also leads to brain tissue damage, often resulting in Alzheimer’s and other neurological sicknesses.

Cells with Extra-Intracellular Calcium

Another bad effect of EMFs on the human cell is the increased production of calcium ions. Cells with extra intracellular calcium produce a non-radical oxidant which breaks down and results in free radicals later on. Too much free radicals can damage the cell which then stimulates and promotes the existence of chronic diseases within one’s body.

Other health risks such as the formation of a cataract, sleep disruption, lowered fertility among men, and melatonin depletion has also been found as a side effect of cells with extra intracellular calcium.

Staying Safe

While exposure to EMFs, whether low or high frequency, exists, make an effort to limit it. First, wear protective gear such as anti-radiation glasses or an EMF shield. Next, keep a distance between you and the TV, or reduce the time you spend on gadgets. Finally, always make sure to turn off your Bluetooth and WiFi when not using it. Being extra cautious paves a safer way to a healthier way of living.

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