Shungite Stone – Healing Properties and Benefits:

Shungite Stone

Shungite Stone – Healing Properties and Benefits: Shungite is the only organic material that brings together all the elements of Mendeleev’s table. Its chemical composition is unique, thanks to its electrical conductivity superior to that of gold metal.

Thanks to its exclusive chemical composition that contains a large number of macroelements and microelements. As well as: aluminum, iron, silicon, carbon, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and sulfur. All of these make this stone unsurpassed. But what really stands out about this stone is its internal structure of fullerene molecules.

Shungite Stone – Healing Properties and Benefits

Shungite Characteristics:

It belongs to the group of minerals rich in carbon. It has an amorphous crystalline system and a hardness level of 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale. Shungite comes in shades of black with slight shades of gray.

Shungite has a black stripe, and vitreous luster, and does not have exfoliation. Among its variants are the non-crystallized and crystallized. It is the most valued because it contains 80% fullerenes. Which is why it is considered an intermediate stone between graphite and anthracite.

Main deposits of Shungite:

This shungite stone with a certain rarity is native to the town of Karelia in Russia, there you can find massive deposits of Shungite. You can find this incredible stone in countries such as the Congo, India, Austria, and Kazakhstan, there are other deposits of this rock.

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Meaning of Shungite:

When we talk about Shungite, we refer to a unique specimen of its kind, with a lot of appeals that is part of the minerals of the New Age. Its characteristics at an esoteric and spiritual level do not have any certification.

Due to high frequency, it accelerates some processes in the body. For example, it liquidates karma and eliminates blockages and conflicts, which is why people somehow think that Shungite helps them see life clearer.

Shungite healing properties:

  • Cleanses and regenerates the aura of a person.
  • Significantly reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Headaches and bone pain relieved by Shungite.
  • Water treated with Shungite protects against various diseases.
  • Helps regulate and fall asleep correctly.
  • Increases vitality in people, including sex.
  • Regulates intestinal and liver functions.
  • Blocks and neutralizes negative energies.
  • Avoid electromagnetic radiation generated by electronic devices.

Esoteric properties of Shungite:

  • Shungite selects the energies that need to be changed and transmutes them, activating them as needed.
  • Considered a stone of great intelligence. It contains a quantum black hole that filters and restores everything that is not in its correct place, whether in the physical or energetic plane.
  • It intervenes in everything that is not working properly and reactivates cellular intelligence. Besides, it activates its own healing forces to find the balance that is needed for mental, emotional, and physical health.
  • Purifies, protects, heals, heals, and stabilizes all living things. In the same way, it purifies the water of any organic compound, be it metals, pesticides, dangerous and harmful microorganisms, or bacteria.
  • Provides a strong connection to the earth, helping to root within the philosophical line of Earthing.
  • The water filtered with this stone generally improves mood and copes with stress.

Shungite Uses:

Shungite is currently being studied for application in medicine, nanotechnology, and for the fight against cancer. Likewise, and although it is not part of precious stones, it does have a very high valuation in the market.

It is highly sought after by stone collectors, as a collection specimen, thanks to the fact that it is very difficult to find and because of its rarity.

For the planet earth, it plays a very important role. Since it is also widely used to purify water and the earth’s crust, thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Shungite Benefits:

There are many benefits obtained by using jewelry and clothing made with the stone. Jewelry with Shungite stones is becoming more common every day; genuine pieces can now be obtained from some retailers that carry shungite.

  • This rock is easy to use like a jewel since it has been observed in different forms: in pyramids, spheres, pendants, charms, bracelets, or as a mineral to decorate or take anywhere.
  • This extraordinary stone, if not available as a garment or jewelry, can be worn in the form of a small piece to keep within your aura.
  • It also helps anyone in mystical and magical practices, as its profound energy draws ancient spirits to act as protectors.
  • In the auric field, Shungite infuses a lot of light, allowing only positive energy to come through. The ancient energy of this stone also provides psychic protection. Aiding those who read the future and helping to emphasize the gift of prophecy.

Fun facts:

The purifying properties of Shungite used in ancient times by Peter the Great who created the first Spa in Karelia. It also purified the water that the Russian army troops drank. The antibacterial properties of Shungite, scientifically proven.

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