The Best Yoga Classes for Seniors

Seniors yoga

Did you know that there is such a thing as seniors yoga classes? Not entirely convinced? Check out this article and find out why yoga also works for seniors. Out of the blue, seniors begin to notice how they have ignored their health. As a result, they feel joint pains, back pains, ragged breathing, and cluttered thinking.

As an aspiring yoga teacher, you wonder how to help seniors regain and maintain their health and vitality. Well, open a yoga studio and make seniors as the target client, of course!

Seniors Yoga Industry

One rising industry to help people keep in touch with their health is yoga. Engaging in yoga business has become popular among people of all ages. In addition, yoga offers many classes to suit the needs of people of all ages, including seniors.

Now, this may be new to your ears, and it might cause you uneasiness. But yoga, just like any professional job, requires its instructors to do training and obtain specific certificates. Therefore, yoga teachers invest months to be qualified for teaching yoga classes. Hence, you should be well-trained to assess the needs of your students.

So, to open a new seniors yoga studio, here are some yoga styles to help you make the most of your practice. 

Best Seniors Yoga Practices
Chair Yoga for Balance

One cannot emphasize how essential balance training is for seniors. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are responsible for most brain and spinal injuries”. Sure, balance does not only introduce stability in standing. To the contrary, balance is more on a person’s stability while in motion. This is essential as most falls occur during this time. With age, seniors often find themselves losing their balance during crucial times. Unlike before, they cannot move as much as they want to.

Addressing this issue, expert Elizabeth Kovar suggested different chair yoga poses. Naturally, all of these improve balance and stability in senior students. In addition, she presented Gait Awareness, Down Dog, Tree Pose, among others. All these poses stimulate and enhance balance for common daily movements. To top it off, these yoga exercises use a chair for support. Clearly, this style is excellent if the students have trouble standing properly.

Bikram Yoga for Flexibility

First, Bikram takes place in rooms heated over 100 degrees, thus creating an environment where the body becomes more flexible. Most of the early enthusiasts complained how harsh Bikram was, and how they wouldn’t try it again. However, given some time, they see the benefits it can give.

According to Bishnu Ghosh, Bikram keeps one’s body young and healthy by filling it with vitality and immunity. This is particularly important for seniors. Most Bikram enthusiasts boast of youthful glowing look just like the early days.

Bikram is not only for flexibility. It also helps with one’s bone density, balance, digestion, metabolism, and varicose veins fading. It further stimulates the body to sweat a lot, thus detoxifying it effectively.

Sukhasana for Restoration

One of the iconic poses in seniors yoga is Sukhasana. With Sukhasana, seniors focus on respiration and deepen their self-reflection. Its definition speaks for itself. The pose has several names, such as Decent Pose, Easy Pose, or Pleasant Pose. It is best if you practice it for meditation and breathing. It also helps your students realign their body and mind. Through this yoga style, seniors can stretch their strained body parts without exerting too much effort. Ultimately, it is good for the spine, ankles, hip, chest, and collarbones.

Aqua Yoga for Joints

Aqua Yoga utilizes the benefits of water as support to take the pressure off from the body. Joint pain is common among the seniors, but with aqua yoga, seniors will finally relax their muscles. Therefore, this will help them stretch and strengthen the muscles better.

This yoga style is suitable for people who had injury or disease that limits their physical movements. This is a low-impact activity that lets seniors relax. In this case, they let their body and mind flow with the soothing water surrounding the studio.


Yoga is a very personal exercise. The same is true for all types of seniors yoga. People still have to find the right style that fits their needs and preference. For our beloved seniors who want to maintain good health, yoga is a great solution. In fact, gentle seniors yoga has been popular recently. More and more people want to join the class. Finally, those who have started the class already, find it hard to go back to the yoga-free life!

So ultimately, “Is yoga good for seniors?” Absolutely!

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