5 Groundbreaking Findings on Schumann Resonance!

Schumann Resonance Tracking

In the1960s, the so-called Schumann Resonances were first measured. Since then, scientists learned that changes in their frequency correspond to the altering of seasons and solar activity. It also associates with Earth’s magnetic activity. Albeit occurring outside of our planet’s surface, the Schumann resonance spike affects earth-bound phenomena. This mainly includes human behavior and health. As a result, since the first Schumann resonance tracking took place, several studies on health emerged as well.

Their theory is this – the Schumann resonance is a planetary “clock” which tunes in with our brains and physiological functions. Let’s review 21st-century research that claims the veracity of this theory.

Schumann Resonance Tracking and Facts 

These studies indicate the possible influence of Schumann resonance tracking and acceleration on the human body.

  • Schumann resonance tracking and blood pressure

A study led by a Japanese researcher investigated the effect of the Schumann resonance spike. Particularly, he focused on inspecting the blood pressure, heart rate, and depression levels in the body. The research involved 56 adults from Urausu, Hokkaido, Japan. The team acknowledged many changes in the ambient magnetic field associated with Schumann resonance.  In the case of this study, the team inspected both the physical and mental health.

The team found that blood pressure in most was lower under the impact of Schumann resonances. Those who exhibited lower blood pressure were more immune to illnesses during the spike, too.

  • Schumann resonance and human intelligence

A study by Dr. Neil Cherry looked into the relationship between Schumann resonance and human intelligence. In his 2003 study, Dr. Cherry claims that the Schumann resonance signal matches an electromagnetic signal. This synchronized frequency range is then necessary for maintaining intelligence. He said that the human brain is soft or adaptive, but it is also stable and coherent. In order to retain intelligent thinking, the brain needs an electromagnetic signaling system. Also, this system needs to have a biochemical support, something that Schumann resonances provide.

  • Schumann resonance and consciousness

Schumann resonance is similar to the 2013 Miller human extrasensory perception study. In his study, Miller explains that the Schumann resonance underlies the radar-type extrasensory perception, common to all organisms. The Schuman resonance also acts as a sort of global guidance system for life. For this, it needs to match the frequency of the human brainwaves.

Such findings are consistent with Dr. Cherry’s discoveries. Miller’s study, however, spoke of the possibility of brain-to-cell and cell-to-cell communication. When cells respond to a certain frequency of the Schumann resonance, they create a ‘biological window’. This ‘window’ allows our cells to change and adapt to environmental inconsistencies.

  • Schumann resonance and the human autonomic nervous system

Rollin McCraty’s team explored the synchronization of the human autonomic nervous system alongside the Earth’s magnetic activity. This 2017 study discovered an interesting connection between our involuntary bodily functions and the Schumann resonances.

First, the researchers monitored the heart rate of ten individuals for 31 days. Once done, the team found out that the heart rate in all individuals took only two-and-a-half days to stabilize. The researchers concluded that our daily involuntary functions, such as heartbeats, respond to changes in solar and geomagnetic activity. All these associate with the Schumann resonances.

  • Schumann resonance and DNA formation

In 2011, Laurence Hecht wrote a related article, titled New evidence for a non-particle view of life. In it, Hecht talked about the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier. Here, he also focused on Montagnier’s discovery of the emission of low-frequency electromagnetic waves from bacterial DNA. These waves can organize nucleotides and are the building blocks of our DNA. In fact, they manage to transform nucleotides into new bacterial DNA. Other environmental factors mediate this phenomenon, too.

In his experiment, Dr. Montagnier filled two test tubes with water. One of the tubes contained bacterial DNA. The test tubes then underwent a weak electromagnetic field for 18 hours. Dr. Montagnier next analyzed the DNA in the tube filled with water alone. It appeared that the Schumann resonance created a signal for the two test tubes to communicate.


This certain connection between humans and the Schumann resonance is getting palpable over the years. There has been a lot of Schumann Resonance tracking and the effects thereof. The Schumann resonance NASA has only tied to climatic conditions, and the changes in seasons are seen by people as a way to prove that we, as people, are indeed connected not only to Earth but beyond it.

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