7 Mindblowing Facts on Schumann Resonance

Schumann resonance spikes

If the title of this article caught your attention in any way, you must be thinking… What exactly is this “Schumann Resonance?” Are Schumann Resonance Spikes something we should be dreading or studying?

Here, we will share with you 7 interesting things to know about the earth’s natural frequency. Let’s get started!

What is the Schumann Resonance?

Let’s go over the basics first. What we do know for sure is that the earth produces a magnetic field we call the geomagnetic field. It originates from within the Earth’s interior and reacts with the solar wind, which is a steady flow of charged particles emanating from the sun.

Back then, we failed to notice that this magnetic field actually had a frequency of its own. Presenting this frequency was Physicist Winifred Otto Schumann back in 1952.

The Schumann Resonances peaks reside within the extremely low frequency (ELF) sector of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. This phenomenon occurs because the Earth acts as a resonant cavity for these electromagnetic waves. Today, we know this as the Schumann Resonance.

What is alarming is that since then, we’ve experienced multiple Schumann Resonance Spikes, causing some commotion over what it could all mean.

7 Interesting Things to Know About Schumann Resonance
  • It Serves as Our Link to the World as We Know it.

We exist alongside our world, and the Schumann Resonance is our link to the very heart of it. Within the crevasse formed by the Earth’s crust and ionosphere exists a multitude of electromagnetic pulses. As humans, we perceive these as nothing more than invisible energies and oscillating fields. One small change can lead to either positive or negative energies to other system bodies.

  • Schumann Resonance Spikes Influence Our Brains.

Expert Lewis B. Hainsworth confirmed that our brains use the Schumann Resonance to connect to the geophysical framework of our world. His research theorized that human brain-waves have actually evolved in response to these signals. He suggests that there might be a correlation here. Mainly, the correlation refers to the Schumann Resonance Spikes and our unpredictability in terms of our potential, genetics, and uniqueness. 

He uses sympathetic resonance to explain this theory. For example, imagine the situation of two tuning forks at a close proximity. Here, there’s a vibration in both, at the same frequency. Of course, with the right environment, our brains and bodies may even entertain the presence of these frequencies.

  • They May Be Related to How We Perceive the World.

Schumann Resonance, as NASA reported, have shown a sharp increase in frequency. Meanwhile, the resonance of this phenomenon spiked from its average frequency of 7.83 Hz to around 8.5 Hz. Thereafter, Schumann Resonance spikes as fast as 16.5 Hz become reported. Consequently, this triggers questions on what caused the Schumann Resonance spikes to begin with.

It’s a fact that the Schumann Resonance connects to our brain’s alpha and theta states. Moreover, scientists theorize this is the reason for many of our perceptions of life’s events.

There is even a theory that Schumann Resonance spikes may be a sign of an evolving human consciousness. But, how can we measure it? 

  • They Have Different Levels of Activity Around the World.

Researcher Annette Dehyle Ph.D. says the global data allows scientists to see the difference in strength in all frequencies. In this case, the differences are occasional instead of ongoing. 

  • They Can Have Positive Effects on Our Sleep.  

The brainwaves study shows that the correlation of better sleep, brain waves, and the Schumann Resonance is obvious. The Schumann Frequency also relates to our brain’s alpha and theta states. Conclusively, this indicates that the Schumann Frequency spies may have to do with our quality of sleep.

  • The Effects May Be Worth Waiting For.

We know that the Schumann Frequency is related to our perception of the world. But, the question remains, “By how much?”

In terms of brainwaves, the 7.83 Hz frequency corresponds to our being. This manifests through relaxation and dreaming as if you were basically waiting for something to happen. Schumann frequency spikes in this frequency, say from 8.5 to 16.5 Hz may correspond to a sudden jolt of awareness. Shortly, we may become a subject to a stimulus. In addition, many theorize that this phenomenon indicates an awakening. Herein, we could even experience a whole new level of consciousness. Who knows?

  • Schumann Resonance Offer a Lot of Health Benefits.

Schuman resonance spikes might also be healthy, according to how brain waves relate to how we function. At the lowest frequency of 7.83 Hz, spikes creative visualization, critical thinking, and a feeling of overall satisfaction. At higher frequencies, Schuman resonance spikes have greater effects. Such are stress reduction, vigor boost, and alertness. Furtheron, its other benefits include boosted memory, reading, mathematical thinking, and planning.

Could this be the next step we take as a race to move on to a higher level of consciousness?

Where Are We Going with This?

The current Schumann Resonance spikes graph shows that frequencies ranging from 0.32 Hz to 36 Hz were detected from August 21 to September 18, 2018 (check graph here). By understanding Schumann Resonance and our species, we may effectively take advantage of our harmony with the Earth. As our consciousness connects with the Earth’s electromagnetic field, we may discover new ways to enhance this connection.

Here, the good thing is that there are Schumann Resonance apps available for download on Google Play. Obviously, these apps can help you tune your mind and spirit to earth’s natural frequency.

The only thing we have to do now is to be literally open-minded to the topic.


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