How to Boost Your Connection From Schumann Resonance?

Schumann resonance generator

As the Schumann Resonance Spike gains popularity, so does learning all the benefits of using a Schumann resonance generator. But, more on solutions later. Now, let’s discuss what scientists think on the matter. Already, countless studies acknowledged earth’s natural frequency benefits. So, let’s analyze this connection even more, and teach you how you can reconnect and harmonize with Earth’s vibes easily.  

Luckily for you, we have just gathered 5 ways to help you boost your Schumann Resonance connection.

How Does the Schumann Resonance Interact with Us?

Ancient civilizations were the first to introduce the way humans perceived our planet’s electromagnetic field. In fact, they believed that as humans, we had an innate connection with our planet. This connection took hundreds of years for us to discover and study. But, finally, we can link everything we now know on the Electromagnetic Field.

Some people have raised the argument that we have to create a barrier between us and this field, leading to some discussion regarding EMF Protection, but it was Professor Winfried Schumann who theorized that it’s exactly because of this magnetic field that we are able to function at optimal performance.

The Earth’s electromagnetic field influences our biological system. It actually creates a bond that scientists have been trying to concretize for years. But, we know that the worldwide natural wavelength of this field and the Schumann Resonance is at 7.8 Hz. The human body and its brainwaves resound with this frequency. Therefore, this environment is optimal for our physical, emotional, and mental health.

Schumann Resonance Generator DIY?

As we know we have to be in sync with this rhythm, it is time to ask a question. Is there a way that we can “create” an optimal environment for us to become one with it? The answer is yes, and it’s not something new either. It is called “Earthing”. The most scientific example of it is the way astronauts use instruments to emit frequency equal to our planet’s. 

With this in mind, you don’t have to be an expert to implement grounding with the Schumann Resonance. Here’s a list of things you can do to feel its effect and even boost them!

  • Establish a Deep Connection with Your World.

Create an environment in which you are very comfortable in— if possible, try to go out into nature. Try to feel life moving around you and through you. It is important that you not only know that the Schumann Resonance exists; you have to immerse yourself in it and feel its effect on your life and how you see it.

  • Create a Connection with Life.

To help in grounding yourself with your environment, try to be in the presence and even touch another living creature. For instance, your dog, a tree, or even another human being can do the trick. Also, try hugging as it helps to balance out your energy field as well. Ultimately, this explains why hugging someone instantly makes you feel better, (except if you’re an introvert.)

  • Visualize Its Effect.

It’s just one thing that sets humans apart from other living creatures, and that’s our consciousness. As a result, we have the ability to wield our thoughts and effectively choose how we feel. Visualization helps with this, by putting you more in tune with your body and mind’s reactions. By connecting with the earth through sensations, you will start feeling its effects more vividly.

  • Go Barefoot!

Dr. Stephen Sinatra explains that a walk barefoot in nature helps us establish a deeper connection with the Schumann Resonance. For example, try this out on a beach, a patch of grass, or even soil if you’re up to it. Remember, the important thing is that you have to believe that you will find grounding and visualize yourself in the process. 

  • Use Technology: Introducing the Schumann Resonance Generator

When you cannot reconnect with nature genuinely, it’s about time to get technical.

Thanks to modern technology we can now have access to proper grounding by way of what we call an “Earthing Mat.” Possibly the best Schumann Resonance Generator you can find, this technology allows you to get the same grounding effect of walking barefoot outdoors right at the comfort of your home.

So far, Schumann Resonance Generator reviews have been positive, and it has been helping people from around the globe try out this new discovery and enjoy the benefits in their own homes. They might have been motivated to try out the real thing as well!

You’re Grounded!

Yes, we live in an increasingly technological world. Therefore, we often forget what’s beneath our feet. And while we enjoy the facets of modern technology, we should equally enjoy the earthly things, too.

Whenever you feel like relaxing, meditating or going for a walk, try it out without shoes. Eventually, you’ll start seeing the positive effects of it on both your mental and physical well-being.