What You Need to Know About Schumann Resonance Devices

Schumann resonance devices

The Schumann Resonances are electromagnetic waves that exist between the Earth’s surface and the Ionosphere. The Schumann resonances occur at various frequencies, 7.83 hertz being the highest and 45 hertz being the lowest. Many theory supporters believe that artificial EMF radiation prevents us from receiving the Earth’s natural frequency. The Earth’s geomagnetic field is also affected by the occurrence of the Schumann resonance spike. However, with today’s technology, there are plenty of Schumann resonance devices which can work in your favor. 

When our energies are imbalanced, we feel depressed, fatigued, and out of focus. With that, we are also more exposed to chronic ailments like cancer and insomnia. In studies that shielded people from the Schumann resonance frequency, subjects experienced harsh health issues. Such were, chronic pain, nausea, immune dysfunctions, depression, stress, bad dreams, brain fog, and allergies. However, when they experienced the Schumann pulse of 7.83Hz, they reported no symptoms at all. This was also found in the Schumann simulator NASA.

In a world of electromagnetic fields exposure, it is important to know how to shield ourselves. The good news is that there are various Schumann Resonance Devices created to reduce the effects of man-made EMF radiations. These devices bring us closer to the Earth’s natural frequency so that we can live in a healthy environment.

Schumann Resonance Devices
  • Schumann Signal Generator

Many researchers believe replicating the Earth’s frequency of 7.83 Hz can reduce the irritating EMF effects. The Schumann signal generator allows you to select a frequency between 0.01 Hz to 2 MHz. What’s more, the power output is adjustable. This device is powerful since it produces a mammoth intensity signal from 1mG to around 50Mg. At the same time, Earth’s Schumann resonance is at 10 (negative 5) mG.

One can detect this at up to 4 feet away. This also includes a memory for at least 10 favorite frequencies. It further includes a digital display to show your chosen frequency. Also, this device improves sound, and can thus be used as an Audible Tone Generator. Besides, it comes with an amplified speaker to enable you to listen to the various frequencies selected.

  • Schumann Resonator

The Schumann resonator uses sine waves in order to give your body the natural waveform. The Schumann field resonator shields us from ambient EMF radiation, thus protecting the immune system. This unit runs two frequencies. One is a combination of 7.83Hz and 10.2Hz. The second is a single frequency of 7.83Hz.

With these frequencies, you will create a healthy environment for everyone. Additionally, you can use the device at home, in the workplace, or in the car.

  • Schumann Watch

The Schumann resonance watch is helpful in detecting harmful magnetic zones when placed around your wrist. When this happens, it starts to pulse the 7.83 Hz Schumann resonance. The pulsing will continue until you are out of the harmful magnetic zone.

  • EarthSafe Device

It is true that our bodies are delicate senders and receivers of electromagnetic radiation. As such, all bodies respond differently in an electromagnetic environment. For this reason, experts created EarthSafe, which is able for tuning from 2 Hz to over 20 Hz. The frequencies are adjustable, depending on the Earth’s natural field, so as to give your body maximum benefit.

Great features of this device include; it is lightweight and pocket-sized so that you can go with it everywhere you go. It is also easily tunable and can be effective in 6-foot radius at pT levels. A more objective way to tune your EarthSafe device is using the EarthSafe tuning kit. This kit enables you to measure the EarthSafe output frequency so that you can adjust it to your desired setting.

Some of the benefits that stem from using this Schumann device include:

  1. Good effect on eye strain
  2. Relax body from tiredness
  3. Reduces irritability
  • Personal Schumann Device

This device is the easiest way to take the Schumann Resonance with you anywhere you go. About the size of a credit card, it can easily fit into pocket or purse. It is easy to use since it only has an on/off switch. It also includes a semi-transparent case so that you can see the device workings.

The device runs for about 200 hours for a 6-hour charge and includes a USB cord for charging. The batteries are a high-quality polymer with overvoltage, overcharged, and overcurrent protection.


People are now realizing that EMF radiation interferes with our connection to Earth’s natural frequency. The lack of balance in our bodies is also likely to be caused by Schumann resonance spike. Therefore, there is an urgent need for us to use the available products that offer EMF protection. There are various Schumann Resonance Devices that replicate the Earth’s natural rhythm. These are all able to decrease the effects of the man-made fields.

This article has listed some of the Schumann Resonance devices that you can use for electromagnetic safety.

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