Scalar energy, four ideas for a new paradigm.

Energy is the breath of life; scalar energy enhances life. Alternative therapy is fast emerging as the public’s medical preferred choice. In recent years, human beings have become very sensitive to their well-being. Hence, health regimes have witnessed a drastic paradigm shift. It’s no more the results that count, but how the results are obtained.

This has pushed a lot of people into the hands of ‘unconventional’ therapies. Scalar energy being one of them. More than physical therapy, it goes beyond the flesh to touch the spiritual. The words that follow discuss a new disruptive, hopeful and even spiritual alternative therapy.

In the beginning, there was energy

No need to be scared, scalar energy has always lived with us, and for ages. Yet, its comprehension came only in the 1800’s, where scientists discovered and started making use of it. James Clerk Maxwell was the first to propose the existence of this energy. However, it’s Nicola Tesla who 50 years later, exposed the evidence of the energy.

Indeed, healing therapies have applied energy waves for eons. From laser surgery to X-rays, passing through magnetic fields, energy in medicine is a long time story. So if you think this is some new magic coming out of the blue, change your mindset. It’s time to have a new look. Today, energy is widely used in healing, it’s the new thing in the medicine house.

Energy is life-saving.

Energy is just like all the other elements in our lives. That is, it has pros and cons, depending on the objective of its use. Whenever our bodies are hurt, we are by some means stressed. In fact, in the era we live, we are more exposed to stress than ever.

Our high-tech and electronic environment add to our already very stressful lives. This causes harm to our cells and cellular function. In fact, human cells own their own electricity (energy), and if balanced off, our body suffers. That’s where scalar energy comes into play. It serves by helping to restore this balance, reducing cellular stress.

Scalar energy

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Illness is altered energy.

Because life needs the energy to live, any variation of its energy leads to disease. As a matter of fact, all living things possess an energy frequency. To stay healthy, this energy frequency must be preserved.

The frequency of a healthy human being (adult) is situated between 60-70 Megahertz. When this frequency is modified below or above the range, an infection occurs. Alternative therapies provide an innovative solution, in the form of energy healing therapy. Scalar energy is one of the energy healing techniques, capable of keeping and repairing the body’s energy frequency. You can also evaluate the EMF exposure without the help of EMF Meters.

Side effects are no concern.

Considered as a natural divine solution, scalar energy is neither radioactive nor electromagnetic. Compared to conventional medicine, alternative therapies rarely produce negative side effects.

The strange or awkward feeling comes during the initial period of the treatment. This feeling is a result of the body’s adaption to the treatment, and it’s for a short time. That is, as the body decontaminates or cleanses, the side effects dissipate.

In essence, just as the internet, alternative therapy is one of those game-changing features. Besides, as we get more exposed to technology and capitalism, stress will just keep on rising. What solutions do we propose, scalar energy healing therapy?

However, we will always strongly recommend you a doctor or health care expert. When our health is on the line, exploring all options is prime.

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