Save yourself from EMF pollution – Buy an anti radiation protection bracelet

As much as we might try and avoid it, electronics have become an inseparable part of our lives. If you’re thinking that we are referring only to laptops and cell-phones here, its impossible to reason your way out of it, especially if you have taken rest from these devices, there are plenty of other unseen electronic items that you’re constantly surrounded by. We’re trapped in the omnipresent electromagnetic pollution. Escaping from the technology that has now taken over our world is only something that you can dream of, or for some of us, it could even become a nightmare.

The latest episodes of Black Mirror on Netflix have given us enough info on how technology can interfere with our daily lives to an extent that we lose control of ourselves altogether. Coming to point, whichever way you look at its impact on your health, its high-time you took control of the effects that electronics can have on our health. If you still find yourself clueless, perhaps its time you got introduced to the world of radiation.

How do electronics interfere with our health?

Electronic items have an emf (electromagnetic field). This can be called radiation, which is merely a form of energy; you obviously can’t see it. Researches conducted by various scientists have proved that different types of radiations significantly cause an influence in the tissues of our bodies and even the brain tissues cannot seem to escape. Cell phones transmit low-intensity radio frequencies. Shockingly, recent reports have shown an increment in the odds of formation of a malignant brain tumor in people who use their mobile phones for long stretches of time. Not just this, but it was also seen that these radiations also seemed to detrimentally affect the attention span, thus ruining cognitive abilities. And of course, it’s not just limited to the usage of cell phones.

Is there a way to lower down the effects of radiation?

Yes. There are a number of habits you can change in your livelihood that could bring down the effects of cell phone radiation.

  • Buying an EMF protection case for your cell-phone is a brilliant idea. This could reduce the transmission of radiation to your ear by a significant amount.
  • Other than that, using headphones to answer phone calls will also save you slightly from emf.
  • Make sure that your electronic item is not in direct contact with your bare body for longer stretches of time. If you go through the manual that comes with a newly bought item, you will see that it is recommended that you maintain a 10 mm gap with your body.
  • The best approach is to get yourself anti-radiation protection With this, you can throw all your cares in the air and live freely without the fear of emf radiation.

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