Benefits of Relaxation Therapy in an EMF Saturated World

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A lot of people know and acknowledge that wireless technology has made life very convenient. However, not everyone knows the side effects of being dependent on technology. One of these effects includes exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), even at home. Before tackling EMF protection, let’s learn what EMF is and what the relaxation therapy benefits against it, are.

Is the World Saturated with EMF?

Considered an invisible toxin, electromagnetic fields are generated by electrically charged objects – think of high voltage lines. In our modern society, electronic devices like wireless gadgets are also ubiquitous generators of EMFs.

For example, a digital alarm clock may generate an EMF field of about 5-10 milligauss. Another common device that could emit high levels of EMF is the cellphones; they are so ubiquitous to the point that people keep it beside them while sleeping.

A modern cellular phone can emit 10 to 60 milliGauss during active use. Meanwhile, the highest amount of “safe” EMF exposure is at 7 milliGauss. Older televisions, another example, can emit up to 100 milliGauss at a distance of four inches.

Experts believe that the world is saturated with EMF as environmental exposure to artificial EMFs is constantly increasing. This is mainly because the advancement of technology alters social behaviour to the point that people, especially younger ones, are too dependent on technology.

Electronics manufacturers may claim that their devices emit very low levels of EMF, but chronic exposure to such radiation might cause damage to human cells and organs. This is because the long-time span involved in exposure is one reason why there is a lack of research involving EMF dangers to the human body.

Because of this saturation and prevalence of technology, life has been more stressful for some. Thus, it is important to regain one’s zen by engaging in many types of relaxation techniques.

What Is Relaxation Therapy?

For starters, there is a need to maintain one’s physical and mental health is by doing various types of relaxation techniques.

One of the many activities that generally fall under the category of meditation is Yoga. Yoga, which involves deep breathing exercises, may contribute to building good harmony between our physical and digital lifestyles. These ancient practices can help counteract the bad effects of our technology-dependent digital world.

Practising yoga generally improves blood flow in the body. Better blood flow means better-thinking capabilities. Yoga and pranayama (which means “deep breathing”) help stimulate the lymphatic system which is the mechanism for the filtration of toxins from the body.

Numerous similar practices such as energy healing may help the body fight stress and tension. Lower stress means better people who did 12 weeks of Iyengar yoga experienced better cerebral blood flow which boosts electrical activity in certain parts of the brain. Thus, meditative relaxation can surely help in maintaining a good mental mindset.

Yoga vs. Technology

This is one of the biggest relaxation therapy benefits you can make use of. In the physical aspect, yoga and deep breathing may also induce a better physical state. In today’s technology-rich world, people have a hard time moving from a single position. This discomfort can cause a stiff neck, wrist problems, and posture issues. Yoga invokes gentle and expansive motion to these problematic body parts, reducing muscle tension.

This is helpful for people who spend a lot of time using electronic devices and are subsequently exposed to EMF. A weekly session of yoga, deep breathing, and stretching can provide badly-needed relief.

Another advantage of relaxation therapy is that it improves one’s posture. Yoga and other meditation therapies strengthen back and abdominal and pelvic muscles, resulting in better spinal posture. Many yoga poses focus on posture especially since having “alignment” is one of the aspects of each yoga pose.

Yoga allows movement of all the joints, even those that we don’t use often. This keeps the cartilage, the cushion between the joints, tough, as inactivity may lead to their deterioration. The movement also helps the flow of synovial fluid surrounding the joints, keeping them lubricated.

A lot of these yoga poses boost up the strengths of the muscles that support the joints.

Without healthy joints, the simplest and even the most basic movement can be very challenging. Balancing out technology usage with slow and calm movement of your body can go far towards preventing this ordeal.

Relaxation Therapy Benefits

Relaxation therapy, especially if done before bed, can also calm the mind. Doing reclining poses while doing deep breathing can help soothe the nervous system and calm the mind and soul. Harvest all relaxation therapy benefits instead of using gadgets, to prevent a disruption in your sleep cycle. The blue light emitted by the gadget’s screen inhibits the brain from releasing much-needed melatonin.

Thus, avoiding the use of gadgets before bed is helpful.

To sum things up, relaxation therapy benefits your physical and mental health. In an EMF-satiated world, harvesting as much of these benefits as you can, might actually save your life.

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