Celebrity Stories: Losing Weight with Reiki

Reiki weight loss

Losing weight is extremely popular among many people today. It’s our nature to want to look good always especially among celebrities since they have a public image that they need to maintain. They have to do their best to keep themselves looking beautiful all the time. This is why they are so curious and eager to try effective ways to lose weight. And while today there are many ways to lose weight, Reiki practice stands out among the rest. Yes, there is such thing as Reiki weight loss practice, and it works!

Usually, people will try various diet programs, different workouts, using turmeric, biohacking, and more.

Aside from the typical weight loss ways that we know, Reiki is one of the rising methods right now. This is because one of the benefits of Reiki weight loss are not just real, but also highly effective.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is actually a great practice which helps in minimizing your stress and can also help you relax. Most people join Reiki sessions in order to improve their overall wellness.

Reiki is a good thing to include to your health regimen which works to help you in balancing and correcting blocked energies that your body may have. Once you’ve balanced your body’s energy and cleared your blockages, it makes you feel refreshed and ready to operate at your maximum capacity again.

How does Reiki weight loss work? 

A typical Reiki weight loss session may take 60 up to 90 minutes long. An initial session with a Reiki weight loss practitioner will usually begin with a discussion. Through this, you will be able to discuss any problems you’re facing or certain issues you’re experiencing. You will also be asked about what you would want to achieve during the session.

In the actual session, you will be asked to rest comfortably on a massage table while lying on your back. You can also choose to just sit comfortably during the session. A session can either be hands-on or hands-off. When it’s hands-on, the practitioner will have to do a light touch on you during the session. But, on a hands-off session, the practitioner will just put their hands slightly above your body.

In the session, the practitioner will be doing specific standard Reiki hand positions which may begin at your head up to your feet. All throughout the session, you will only feel very pleasant, relaxed, and invigorated.

A number of celebrities have already tried this practice and have liked its effect on their body and system. Let’s talk about the Reiki weight loss testimonials from these celebrities.

Christina Aguilera’s Story

Back in 2013, Christina Aguilera created a buzz for being able to lose 30 pounds of weight. When she shared her secret, she said that she was having consistent Reiki sessions. Along with this, she also followed a low-carbohydrate diet and did moderate exercise. But, according to her, it was Reiki that aided her to gain the will to be consistent in following her diet and exercise.

Having a Reiki weight loss mantra can help you to motivate yourself towards achieving the goal of losing weight. We all know that working out or exercising will require you to be consistent in doing it. Even though you may be very eager to stick to it on the first days, laziness sometimes wins. However, it is relevant that you continue the exercise even if it will take several minutes of your day. But, while you do Reiki, it increases your willpower to choose to follow what you need to do in order to lose weight.

Reiki Weight Loss Testimonials from Other Celebrities

Aside from Christina Aguilera, there are also other celebrities who also have Reiki weight loss testimonials to share. They believed that Reiki has made a great impact in improving their general wellness.

Dr. Mehmet Oz was actually one of the first few celebrities who shared the good word about practicing Reiki. Dr. Oz is a popular television host of several health-related shows. He also has his very own show where he talks about the newest trends that occur in Hollywood. He usually tackles about every bit of each trend and makes recommendations or even warnings against it. So far, he is very positive about Reiki, and he even panned on hiring a Reiki as part of his NYC medical business.

Another celebrity who experienced the benefits of Reiki is Donna Karan. Ms. Karan is a very well-known fashion designer. She believes that practicing Reiki helped her to lessen stress and maintain in good shape. It’s also helping her ensure she stays in good health despite a fast-paced life.

Shania Twain is another celebrity who believed in the benefits of Reiki. She even showed her Reiki session on one of her TV show. A famous top-golfer also practices this form of therapy. Phil Nickelson believes that practicing Reiki helps in balancing his energy which he needs to do in preparation for his tournaments.

Reiki is not only for celebrities, but it can also be tried by anyone. It has already helped many people to get huge relief. It can help you to improve your overall wellness and even mental well-being. Not only that but anyone can also try Reiki to lose weight in just a short period of time.

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