What Happens After a Reiki Treatment?

reiki treatment

Reiki promotes to integrate and balance the four aspects of your body – the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. While the treatment is 45 to 60 mins period, its actual effects will continue to remain and circulate for a lot longer. It can be facilitated by an in-person practitioner or from a long distance procedure. A Reiki treatment will work on what specifically your body needs during the session, so all treatments are different from the other. Reiki is a natural practice and will assist you in releasing unwanted energy from the body and mind. Because of this, a Reiki treatment for EMF protection is recommended by many experts.

Oftentimes, what happens and changes in the session is beyond your mind’s sensible consciousness. Thus, it’s not until you return to your normal life that you will observe the transitions. Sometimes, the result is indefinite and in some cases, it’s completely obvious. Remember, no healing session is more powerful than the others. Simply, there are times that you are more mindful of the changes happening inside you.

The Main 6 Benefits of Reiki.
  1. Relieves stress
  2. Reduces associated pain
  3. Encourages relaxation and balance
  4. Aligns, dispels, and stabilities the 7 major energy centers
  5. Aids and stimulates your body’s natural capability to recover itself
  6. Generates energy blockages, lowers body toxins and negative energy

These benefits of Reiki will establish and intensify over time. For this reason, it is best you go to therapy for 4-8 weeks. This is enough time to see a change without needing regular sessions. Despite that, practitioners do Reiki once a month and find maximum relaxation and no EMF side-effects.

What Awaits You After a Reiki Treatment?

Upon the completion of your Reiki cleansing ritual, you will undergo a stretch of integration and adaptation as you handle the changes that have been triggered in you. Physical, mental, and emotional changes will occur, which is normal. However, if you are really anxious, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your practitioner. Note that Reiki symptoms linger for 1 to 2 days and then will subside. You may also experience one or all the following below.

  • Your mood can become calmer. You may feel unrestricted, at ease, unreserved, more relaxed, embodied, and grounded never ever in your life.
  • Your senses can be intensified. In return, you may see, hear, taste, and feel things with extra liveliness & ferocity.
  • Your body may want to rest more or go to more outdoor activities. You may feel exhausted or feeling “high”. Energy levels may alter in an extreme manner.
  • You may feel more sensitive as you clear off past inhibited feelings. Anger, sorrow, or sadness can emerge and/or surge of pleasure and happiness. Also, you can be very tearful or chuckle & laugh most of the time.
  • Your subconscious mind is going through a modification and your dreams possess the main answer for that development. So, pay attention to your dreams.
  • You might suffer from physical discharging symptoms like you have to get to the lavatory more often with the rising of urine or bowel movements. You may also feel some pain, migraine, or colds. However, know these physical indications will typically vanish in no time.
  • You might get irritation or itches throughout your body or hot or cold energy waves will flow all over your body. 
Must-Do Things After the Reiki Treatment
  • Eat nutritious food, while hydrating at the same time.
  • Drink a lot of water and tea.
  • Go outside, stroll, and relish the ambiance of nature.
  • Meditate to increase your awareness and redirect your thoughts.
  • Have a soothing bath or shower.
  • Allow yourself to reflect on what you have just experienced. Give some time and space, don’t rush yourself to come right back to your traditional way of life. Let the treatment to
  • Frequently, or after the Reiki healing, you will be given some notes to help you monitor your progress. In addition, your practitioner may also suggest making significant life changes. Additionally, you don’t need to commit on everything he said. Explore and recognize what recommendations you can only do and what is suitable for yourself.

Though Reiki is gentle, it may still create issues due to its mechanism of removing blocked energy. Make sure your practitioner is available so you can visit him when necessary.

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