The Healing Power of Reiki

Reiki healing

Reiki healing is not just an ordinary yoga technique or breathing exercise. This is an ancient art of maintaining harmony in the energy flow of the body. The name derives from the Japanese word ‘rei’, meaning a universal power, and ‘ki’ or ‘chi’, which is the body energy. Reiki is a powerful energy in the body that aligns itself to the cosmic energy of the universe.

What is Reiki healing?

Reiki healing is the process of healing minor and major illnesses in the body through aligning your body’s energy, initiating a calm state of mind, and driving all chi movements in your body to find its harmony with the energy around us, including the universal energy. There is higher energy around us that governs our lives, our destinies, and our well-being. For centuries, people depend on the natural healing process of the body. Eastern meditation practices were fully aware of the stages of a body’s healing process through the alignment of the chi to the cosmic energy of the universe.

Reiki healing helps in relieving the physical and emotional effects of stress that has not been released by our body through redirecting it outwards or through the hands and feet and then restoring the vitality and balance in the chi levels of the body. Reiki has been proven in medicine as well. This accelerates the recovery process in the body and eliminates harmful toxins with ease. It also reforms the natural healing process of the body that helps in strengthening the immune system. Those who practice Reiki were said to have experienced a deep sense of joy after every session and were leading a more positive and well-directed life.

How to do Reiki healing?

There are many known ways to practice Reiki in our lives. The simplest step to start reiki is through breathing exercises. Inhaling through your nose and exhaling it through your mouth creates a regulation of the energy that is coming from the outside and pulling out the negative energy inside us out towards the environment to be purified. Being able to practice proper breathing can make wonders in your body and prepares it for the control of the energy inside us.

The Next Step

Here, you will have to align your thoughts to a specific positive emotion. Most reiki masters always tell their disciples that the secret to an effective reiki exercise is to align your thoughts and emotions to the greatest force of all – love. The three practices of love, according to Reiki practitioners, are gratitude, forgiveness, and kindness or benevolence.

  • Gratitude is the easiest to ponder when starting a Reiki session. One Reiki master said that holding gratitude for someone in your heart and mind makes your energy center more active and the chi flow becomes regular, making your healing process faster and more effective.
  • Kindness or benevolence is not a hard idea to begin in Reiki but is not the hardest, too. Being able to direct good thoughts, and stay positive in all you do will encourage emission of positive energy.
  • Forgiveness is the hardest to ponder in a reiki session. Anger is not a product of using your energy properly. However, being able to forgive is a powerful idea that can expel huge negative energy inside us. Before starting a Reiki session, it is recommended we forgive someone and let go of the grudge we hold. Otherwise, this hatred and anger will revive the negative energy in the body, making us weaker.

Many stretches, hand and body positions, and even chanting can be done in a Reiki session. Once you master the breathing exercises and alignment of thoughts, Reiki can become a powerful tool for your well-being. Also, it can even protect you from harmful energy, whether physical or metaphysical. You can even use Reiki for EMF protection that is proliferating around us through our technologies.

How long does Reiki Healing take to work?

If done properly, you will immediately experience a deep sense of relaxation in your body. Reiki immediately aligns the mind to receive the cosmic energy from the universe. It also brings forth a healing sensation in the hands, temple, palm, and even the sole of your feet. By keeping persistent, you will soon see a lot of changes in the body and in the train of thoughts.


Reiki is a system that has been inherent in everyone. Moreover, it is not limited by age, race, culture, or belief. Everyone has the reiki capacity inside them.

Reiki is a healing system that uses every subtle energy in the human body to flow naturally. With this, it allows greater energy levels in the environment to connive with the energy around us. This can help harness positive energy in us and protect us from unwanted and harmful energy. Using Reiki for EMF protection will limit gadgets exposure and strengthen the body from harmful radiation.

Ultimately, Reiki is a powerful exercise, yet it is also wonderfully gentle and even nurturing to the body.

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