How to Choose a Reiki Business Name – Simple Tips

Reiki Business Name

When the popularity of Reiki grew, the number of practitioners rose with it. It might partly be due to the scare of modern medicine going awry that an alternative therapy is being more and more sought. Or perhaps, more and more people have become interested. As a practitioner, you have the opportunity to also choose a Reiki business name which will represent the brand int he right limelight.

But, with many other Reiki specialists around the corner, how will you be able to reach more people? Basically, the key is to develop a brand Reiki business name that represents both your values and identity and the Reiki tradition. Here are simple tips to help you draw some inspiration.

Define Your Brand

The first step to creating a Reiki business name is to define your identity – how you want your Reiki practice and yourself be known to the public. Therefore, you can ask yourself some questions to help you shape your brand such as:

  • Which unique services do I offer?
  • What inspires me to do my business?
  • What sort of problems can my Reiki practices help address?
  • To whom can I best bring the benefits of Reiki? Who are my potential clients?
  • How much do Reiki practitioners make? Asking this will help you know your edge from other similar businesses.

With the answers to these questions, it will be easier for you to craft a business name that does two things. It not only reflects your personality and what you do but also contains meaning that your potential clients can relate to.

There are usually two ways that a business is named. One seeks to be purely functional, a name that describes what you do. The other way aims for some oddity, one that doesn’t serve the meaning right away but keeps people curious. The tradition you’ll take depends on how you define your brand.

Try a Wordplay

Writing down the answers to the questions above can help you get ideas. You can jot down one-word descriptions of your core values. Words that describe the practice itself such as “healing” and “energy” can be useful. For starters, you could also use phrases that describe the goal of the therapy such as “Reiki for business growth” or “Reiki for grace and spirit”.

Some people include their names in the brand. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this approach. However, if you are still starting out and do not have a strong following yet, the effect may go south. Your name might not create a good connection with your potential clients. It would only boost your ego, nothing more.

Then, try cutting, combining, or pairing the words you have listed. You can also create a good acronym out of it. It is best to reduce the word count to one or two only. This way makes the business name catchy and memorable.

If you’re having difficulties, you can try business name generators on the internet. It is best to use those apps only for inspiration. Remember that crafting your own business name makes it personal. You’ll also have a sense of ownership towards all the aspects in your business.

Get Reiki Business Name Ideas from Others

Generally, inspiration can come from different people or places. You can get Reiki brand name ideas from similar businesses in other cities or countries or even from people who do not know about such therapy.

  • Ideas from similar businesses

Try researching how other Reiki businesses have branded themselves. Study the structure of the business name and how it is received by people. Other businesses may have done it differently than you are used to. That may be affected by the location of the business. Needless to say, you can’t steal other business names. Instead, use it to spur inspiration for your own brand.

  • Ideas from strangers to Reiki

The most automatic thing to do in naming businesses is to brainstorm with people who are already familiar with the trade. In order to keep things interesting, you can draw ideas from people who are strangers to Reiki. This way, you are able to attract people who may be yet exploring. Next, try asking them what they perceive of or understand about Reiki. You can use their words or simplify them. You wouldn’t want to misrepresent Reiki or to drive away people by sounding so technical.

Test Your Reiki Business Name

By now, you may have already generated a lot of business names. Therefore, try shortlisting them to your top three or four for testing. A test drive aims to take out your biases and see what really works. You can ask your family and friends, whom you can get honest feedback from. So, ask people who know something about Reiki and those who do not. Know how the business name made them feel about your business and services. Ask them whether it makes them feel involved – if your service is for people like them. From those reactions, you can finally pick the best reiki business name or revise a little. Ultimately, a process of getting inspiration to testing gets you closer to a brand that is clear, interesting, value-laden, and 100% yours.

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