Do’s and Don’ts in Starting a Reiki Business  

Reiki business advice

Whenever a person decides to start a Reiki business, he is not only becoming a self-employed business owner but also as a spiritual healing practitioner as well. This fact alone shows that there are many Reiki career opportunities waiting for people who wanted to try the business. To succeed in the line of business that involves Reiki, most people opt to start their Reiki plan template through business practices and actions all starting businessmen should follow. But, as in with every business, there is plenty Reiki business advice to consider.

Start your Business Plan with your Business Entity

If you want to venture into Reiki business, then you have to ensure that your business entity reflects you into a professional Reiki practitioner. Before you started your business, look up for references that present other healing businesses like massage parlors, chiropractors, spas, acupuncture business, etc. While doing so, figure out how these businesses present themselves to the public. You may find out that some practical needs have to be applied to your business too, but you have to think of something unique to help define your business further.

The way you define your business structure will show what your personal vision is. State how you view your future business and how you picture the way you can provide the benefits of Reiki to your students and clients. With a pure intention and a professional self-image, you can easily express your words that can also help you create your very own business personality and identity.

Reiki Business Advice: Getting to Know the Field

Below, read the most important Reiki business advice, bound to bring imminent success:

  • Find the most suitable place where you can set up your Reiki business and practice. You may practice Reiki at home, provided that the zoning laws in that location permit you to do so. When finding the right place, you have to ensure that it has the privacy. It should also provide an easy access for your clients who are in a wheelchair.
  • Gain experience by finding the time to volunteer at a clinic, hospice, local hospitals, nursing homes, etc. You may find that the experience you may gain will be beneficial to you in the future.
  • Set schedules of when to give Reiki sessions. If you are a forgetful person, put schedules on a calendar that you can easily see. Don’t just mark the date; you must also set the specific time when you will be available. Do this even if you don’t have numerous clients yet so that you will grow accustomed to it.
Even more Reiki Do’s:
  • Find and invest in a good bodywork table. The sooner, the better. You can actually find good ones available to be purchased online. If you can’t afford brand new tables, contact a nearby local massage school. They might have a used bodywork table that is currently available for sale.
  • Ask your clients in a pleasant manner to recommend you and your Reiki sessions to their friends or to the people they know. You can also collect a few testimonials from them to build your identity in that line of business. Filing these testimonials will serve as a greater advertising strategy rather than spending too much on ads.
  • Continue studying the art of Reiki even if you are already a professional Reiki practitioner. You may find out that there is still something out there about Reiki that you have yet to know.
  1. Never give a rush Reiki session. It simply won’t work. Before starting a Reiki session, always ask the permission of your client while following proper hygiene measures and maintaining the confidentiality of the session. Treat all your customers in a professional manner.
  2. Do not spend everything on advertisements because it isn’t actually necessary. You just need to tell that you practice Reiki sessions to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, or even to someone you just met when you were having a lunch outside. You can start offering your sessions for free or collect just a little compensation that can help you cover your expenses.
  3. If you are just beginning your business, don’t worry too much on the charging fees. What’s more important is that you get to practice in the field you wanted to venture into. Remember that every client will not only serve as a way for you to earn but also as a guide for you to grow as a Reiki practitioner. Once that you successfully conduct Reiki sessions to your first few clients, paying clients will automatically appear. Always remember that all the hard work will eventually pay off in the end.
Reiki Business Advice: a Conclusion

As Reiki is a form of spiritual practice, you must find a balance between business and spiritualism. So, while venturing in this business, explore your spiritual side so that you can practice your business naturally. After reading our Reiki business advice, have you chosen to pursue it as a career yet?