Reduce EMF Pollution with These Steps

reduce EMF exposure

Are you always busy typing on that keyboard on your pc? Are you on the phone scheming through your social media platforms connected to the home Wi-Fi that stays on the whole day? Do you know you could be in danger because of this? Yes, danger. You could be in danger of too much EMF radiation. For that, it is important to find the perfect tool to reduce EMF exposure.

We are all at risk of high exposure to EMF because of being too dependent on the technological equipment and tools that surround us – light bulbs, radio communications, high performing computers, microwaves, and wireless technologies.

You are surprised, aren’t you? However, there are some steps you can take to keep yourself safe from too much EMF exposure. For example, using Reiki for emf protection. But, before we get to know the tips, let us know what EMFs are.

What are EMFs?

EMF is the abbreviation of the word electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields are a mixture of invisible waveforms traveling together in the same direction. EMFs are made of electric and magnetic fields that lie perpendicularly in a waveform.

EMFs are created in three ways:

  • When there is a presence of an electric current
  • When atoms combine to form a new compound
  • The occurrence of nuclear reactions

Forms of EMF include Wi-Fi signals, microwave radiations, bulb lights, UV lights, radio waves, and infrared radiation.

There are two types of EMFs:

  • Low-frequency EMF radiation: these are non-ionizing radiation with low frequencies that include visible lights, Wi-Fi signals, Bluetooth, computers, and microwave ovens.
  • High-frequency EMF radiation: these are ionizing radiations with very high frequencies which include UV light, X-rays, and Y or Gamma rays.
How Harmful are EMFs?

Questions still linger on how dangerous EMFs are. But, there is no doubt that certain levels of exposure are harmful to our bodies. Even scientific evidence proves that it is more than crucial for our health that we reduce EMD exposure. In fact, exposure to high levels of EMFs can trigger some types of cancers. Some studies point to EMFs as a possible cause of brain cancer. This is a good reason to learn how to reduce EMF exposure for the sake of our wellbeing.

Exposure to EMFs more so manmade EMFs causes interferences to the electromagnetic systems that are found inside our bodies. EMF radiation can cause some disturbances or alter the biology of our brains, the heart, mitochondria or cause inflammatory problems.

Symptoms of Emf Exposure
  • Frequent fatigue events
  • Stressful feelings and depression
  • Frequent chronic headaches
  • Sleeping problems
  • Skin sensitivities, itchiness, feeling tingly or prickles
  • Unexplained body pains
  • Ringing Ears
  • Static feelings in the brain
  • unresponsive hormonal imbalances to treatment
  • Cancer

There are other many symptoms which urge you to find a way and reduce EMF exposure.

How to Detect EMF Exposure

An easy test is to locate the positions of communication towers relative to your home or school.

You can also get an EMF meter to test the levels of EMF exposure in your home if you find any signs of high EMF exposure, their ways in which you can reduce EMF exposure successfully.

Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure

In today’s world exposure to EMF is unavoidable. However, you can reduce EMF exposure with these simple tips.

How to Reduce EMF Exposure at Home
  • Make sure you switch off appliances or devices that you are not using. You can also put your pc or phone on airplane mode when you are not using any communication or internet feature.
  • Try to keep your phone away from the body as much as possible. Use the speaker function or a headset if possible.
  • Avoid using wireless or Bluetooth connections. If possible, use hardwire internet connections and computer peripherals.
  • Learn how to block Wi-Fi radiation. For example, switch off the Wi-Fi and any other Bluetooth devices when not in use.
  • Make use of dirty electricity filters to filter out dirty electricity and reduce EMF exposure.
  • Get some defender pads for your pcs and emf-blocking pads for your phones. They reduce EMF exposure levels from the devices themselves.
  • Go camping once in a while to the woods to detox from the EMFs.
  • You can also use Reiki for emf protection. You can purchase reiki emf protection products or visit a reiki yoga instructor that can help you relax and detox from EMF radiation. Place reiki emf protectors near the sources of emf radiations to protect yourself from the electromagnetic radiations.
Learn Ways to Mitigate EMF Exposure

In this digital world, exposure to emf is inevitable. Avoiding exposure is near to impossible and the second option is to inhibit the negative effects of EMFs.

  • Block EMFs through grounding which neutralizes positive ions from electric appliances.
  • Get a negative ion generator to scale down on the negative effects of EMF radiations. You can also move to places with moving water or the Himalayan salt lamp which are natural negative ion generators.
  • Eating a well-balanced diet with antioxidants is also a good mitigation measure against stress inducing emf radiations.

EMF exposure is here to stay as long as we continue to live in a digital world. Stay on the safe side and follow the simple steps of reducing and mitigating electromagnetic radiation.