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radiation safety

We all use technology, but only a few are aware of the health risks followed by it. One of the things that we are not aware of is the existence of EMF (electric magnetic fields) or radiation. So, technologies like mobile phones, microwaves, and other devices release invisible waves. Consecutively, these devices expose the human to longterm radiation. Although there are no strong studies to prove this claim, we are all very aware of the dangers of radiation. However, today, you’ll notice how people are becoming more conscious of their health. What is more, in different countries, many like to dig into radiation safety meetings for help. Many of these radiation safety meetings discuss the issue and offer modern-day EMF protection devices.

How radiation affects our daily lives?

Sadly, we are open to radiation every day. That said, radiation can be found in the air, the sun, and even at home. We recognized the benefits of radiation for medical purposes, yet we still face lots of exposure, too. It’s a good thing that the human body has its own way of recovering from it. However, radiation exposure may damage your DNA structure, thus leading to other issues. These may include:

  • Hair loss
  • Skin burns
  • Radiation sickness
  • Sterilization of reproductive organs
  • Loss of organ or tissue function
  • Heart failure
  • Seizures
  • Failure of the immune system
  • Cancer and Cardiovascular disease

For sensitive groups like children and infants, radiation may disrupt the division of cells, which may cause cell damage. Despite the usefulness of radiation, it is also important to realize its health threats.

What is radiation protection?

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an international organization, promotes the importance of radiation protection. Along with others, this organization creates regular radiation safety meetings, where the future of radiation protection is a subject of debate.

Radiation protection keeps people from related harmful effects. It is known as radiological protection and follows certain radiation protection standards. This also considers services, necessities, technologies, development, and other radiation exposure processes.

There are two types of exposure, external or internal.

External exposure

Radiation becomes external when the radioactive source is outside of the body. Examples of this are X-rays and gamma rays. As you know, these rays easily pass through the human body.

Internal exposure

Internal exposure happens when the radioactive material gets inside the body. It can be acquired through eating, drinking, breathing, or injection.

The main goal of radiation protection is to balance and minimize its risks. That said, it is important for people to understand this discipline. This is exactly why there should be an orientation about it. In the US, they have provided meetings and workshops about radiation protection. It aims to provide guidelines and criteria for services dealing with radiation exposure, whether for medical purposes or natural. Its developers include the IAEA, the CEC and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development/Nuclear Energy Agency.

Radiation Safety Meetings

In the first place, implementing radiation protection is challenging. But, using an effective infrastructure will help to successfully achieve its goal. Proving this is a 2018 Conference on Radiation and Health in Chicago. Here, this radiation safety meeting gave emphasis on the public health impact of radiation exposures. Additionally, attendees discussed the latest in Biology, Epidemiology, and Statistics. Next, they invited respected researchers to organize a committee to support their future scientific programs.

Apart from the abovementioned international groups, there are other diverse groups, introducing safe use of radiation devices and materials. One of these is the Radiation Safety Committee. As an example, they provide radiation safety meetings which agenda is to discuss radiation safety reports, programs, and operations. Besides, meetings like this inform people about the latest issues concerning radiation safety. With that, they hope to develop future projects that will address the issues.


In short, radiation protection relies on 3 protection principles: justification, optimization, and limitation.

Moreover, exposure to radiation might require implementing a beneficial practice to reduce the possible health risks.


Justified practices will show the greatest effects if you do them regularly and efficiently. Thereafter, it aims to reduce radiation risks in both individuals and society.


Initially, this principle limits and controls these exposures. For the most part, this lets no individual be subject to radiation risks.

All countries should apply these principles in their regulations and practices regarding radiation protection. Therefore, it’s important to inform people globally. Furthermore, to read the list of conferences, you can rely on the Conference Management System.

Radiation safety

All in all, there are many protective measures that keep radioactive substances and away from you. Also, customized gears and equipment that help in eradicating high levels of radiation. As a result, this also helps protect the environment more. After reading this, you may realize how serious this matter is. However, even a short input like this can educate someone and can even save a life.

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