Admirable Traits Every Yoga Teacher Must Possess

Quality yoga teachers

Every teacher, yoga or not, is remembered by his or her students by what they make them feel. It is the impact they have on the lives of the students that make these students return for more classes. Remember these students are the ones that keep you in business. Thus, to succeed in yoga business, you have to rank among the students as one of the few quality yoga teachers in the industry.

Admirable Traits of Quality Yoga Teachers

That being said, it is important that you maintain the of quality yoga teachers that help you wiht the practice. The following are some qualities of the best yoga teachers that you must possess.

Passionate and Energetic

Quality yoga teachers have the ability to pull in their students with just their presence. As a yoga instructor, you must possess an infectious energy that transfers to your students as soon as you enter that door.

It should be the type of energy that inspires the students to be free of all worries of life. Your passion and enthusiasm for yoga should be evident as this will show your students that you are confident about yoga. If you are energetic as a teacher, even the students who just want to be inconspicuous will leave their cocoon and enjoy the class. When the students know that they can unwind in your class, they will never miss a session.


A quality yoga teacher should be able to engage all students in the class. You must be flexible as a teacher, especially when your class has students from all levels of skills. You must be able to guide the beginners so that they are not intimidated by the more experienced ones. It is important that you get to know the weaknesses of all your students and use your skills to help them become better. Personal attention to the students will make them feel appreciated. You can be sure that they will come back to your class time and again.

Be Free of Ego

As a quality yoga teacher, you possess the skills and knowledge about yoga. But in order to effectively impact this knowledge to the students, you have to be egoless. If you have an ego, you will not be able to openly share with the students. But when you leave the ego at the door, you will be able to happily engage with your students.

Without ego, you will be your real self with your students. This means that you will not be afraid to show them your flaws and can even laugh when you make a mistake. Students want to be led by a real person; this will for sure create a more personal relationship between you and your students. This culture is good for the growth of your yoga business as the students will be more compelled to attend your classes.

Mind Your Words

Your words as a yoga instructor are a powerful tool that can make you succeed or fail in the yoga business. You use words when giving instructions to your students. It is important that these words show an authentic personality. Yoga is about uplifting a person’s mind and there is no better way to do it than using kind words. Use your words to show compassion and warmth to your students. This way, they will know that you are operating from your heart and that you have their best interest in mind.

Possess the Required Skills

Every teacher should have the required knowledge of the subject they intend to teach, and yoga is not an exemption. This, however, does not mean that you should know everything about yoga. Strive to possess the minimum quality yoga teacher skills required to teach at all levels. The important thing is that you don’t become complacent in your journey. You can continually seek more knowledge and watch the veteran yoga teachers for more inspiration.

Remember students subscribe to your class for the skills that you have. If you want them to come back to your class, you should have the skills they are looking for.

Prepare Ahead

With the current high-paced lifestyles, people are becoming more time conscious. Not all students will sit down and wait for you when you run late. So, if you are wondering about how to become one of those quality yoga teachers, start by arriving on time for your sessions.

Ensure that you take time to prepare thoroughly for the class. Later, this will ensure that the classes run smoothly and systematically. Additionally, you will eliminate awkward moments where you are lost on what to do during the session. As a result, the students will admire your organizational skills which will attract more to join.


Understandably, teaching yoga is a physically demanding work. If you have several classes per day, you might find it difficult to get through all the sessions wearing the above traits. Therefore, the solution is to start cultivating them if you do not already possess them. Furthermore, try to practice them regularly in your class until they align with your personality.

Yoga students are regularly looking for effective yoga instructors. Therefore, it is important that you practice the powers of quality yoga teachers. Here, your work will be your most powerful marketing tool. Ultimately, your satisfied students will stick with you, as well as influence others to join your classes.