Why Black Tourmaline Pendants are the Best EMF Protection?

protective black tourmaline pendants

The root chakra is considered the first chakra in the chakra system. This chakra has the energy of the earth, and it’s linked with the emotion of good foundation and security. Muladhara chakra, another name of the root chakra, is the first of the seven chakras located at the base of the spine. Today, there are gems and stones that balance the body’s chakra system. Specifically, protective black tourmaline pendants can be used as protection and shield against depressing situations.

What does a root chakra do to you?

It rules the performance of the lower part of the body, as well as the lower spine, lower back, kidneys, and bladder. In addition, it regulates your survival instinct and your sense of confidence. Also, the root chakra is connected with the body and its relationship to the ground.

Top 5 Chakra Crystals

Healing stones are ordinary tools, which help stimulate, stabilize and purify the root chakra. These crystals will help balance our chakras. There are many kinds of chakra crystals, but I will only give you the five most important.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline benefits are quite popular among users. Ancient humans use this stone to protect them from demons; nowadays, this crystal easily shields many from negative energies.

Also, it protects against radiation and environmental impurities and transforms negative thoughts into positive ones. It acts as a daily purifier of the spirit.  Since it has a powerful ability to clear negativity, Black Tourmaline can introduce spiritual grounding and is good for cleansing and balancing.

Red Carnelian

A light red or orange semi-precious stone boosts confidence, endurance, and courage. Earliest warriors wore this stone for courage and power to triumph over their enemies.

At present, a red carnelian is thought to help out nervous speakers or performers become expressive and brave. The Carnelian crystal boosts both bravery and self-confidence. On a cellular level, however, it purifies the blood and develops circulation. In addition, red carnelian stone cleanses the body and unblock stuck energies.

Red Jasper

This semi-precious, earthy red stone also takes the name “ring bringers”. It stops wounds from bleeding, stimulates the pulse and improves fertility.

These days, Red Jasper is still famous as the Stone of Endurance, a gentle, but vital, stimulator of Life Force, bringing physical force and energy, endurance, focus, and willpower. Also, it has great balancing and cleansing forces.  


Considered as the most beautiful of the Jaspers in the ancient times, the energy of this stone brings the purity of blood and speaks of life and birth, vivacity and vigor, zeal and bravery.

This dark green with red spots stone is an amulet for shielding against bullying and threats. Moreover, Bloodstone improves the immune system, cleanses the internal organs and removes toxins from the body.

Black Obsidian

This is an organic black gemstone, mainly offering personal protection. Also, Black Obsidian makes an excellent cure for shock, traumas, and blockages. It protects and purifies our aura of dissonance, negative emotions that hinder the way of your spiritual and personal growth.

Root Chakra and Protective Black Tourmaline Pendants

The root chakra keeps us grounded and also considered as our connection to the earth. As a result of a balanced chakra, we become self-sufficient, positive, and trusting. We learn to grow spiritually, physically and mentally. When dealing with a blocked root chakra, we become restless, worried and can lose interest in our daily tasks.

The most influential Root Chakra stone by far is Black Tourmaline. This stone is a negative energy attraction in the most functional ways. It soaks up and transforms negative divine feelings, grounds, and shields the aura and also fix damages to the lower Chakras.

So, how to use protective black tourmaline pendants? You can place the stone in certain areas in the room, or you can opt to wear it as a pendant to carry it with you anywhere you go.

But why protective black tourmaline pendants work? The root chakra is at the base of the spine and adds to the pelvic plexus, the first three vertebrae, and the perineum. This chakra is usually signified as a cone of energy that starts at the base of the spine and goes down and then little bends up.  Hence, keeping the stone as a pendant, near its chakra base, makes it more effective.

If you want your chakra to become balance, you can buy the Black Tourmaline pendant. It has a calming effect when needed and scattered energies all throughout the earth. Moreover, it has proven over the years that Black Tourmaline can protect you from the harmful effects of radiation. Aside from the healing factor, the stone will give you, it also relieves stress and persuades calmness. Protective black tourmaline pendants are classified as the premier charm of protection.  


As human beings, we have to ensure that our chakras are healthy, balanced, and open for us to be physically strong and fit. Remember that if the base is strong, no need to be anxious about collapsing. If you are experiencing tough times nowadays, and you find it difficult to mature, you can always get protective black tourmaline pendants for protection.

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