7 Reasons Why Positive Emotions are Encouraged at Work

Surviving in the competitive tension in any job can be draining and hostile. Apart from making sure you have competent skills, emotional strength is important as well. Handling pressure with constant deadlines and keeping healthy professional relationships can affect work efficiency and quality. As humans, we are bound to feel both positive emotions and negative emotions. Surrendering to any sort of a negative emotion, can and will directly affect your health. For that, it is important to know how to use positive workplace emotions.

Maintaining a balanced emotional spectrum can definitely benefit the employees and the workplace. Read on. 

Positive Workplace Emotions

There are a lot of positive emotions in everyday life that you can also practice at work. These positive workplace emotions will show you that loving your job is more relevant than just wanting a paycheck.


There are many positive effects stemming from being proud of your quality of work, compensation and communication skills. As soon as you feel dissatisfaction regarding any of these factors, you might even get the idea to quit. Therefore, satisfaction at the workplace matters! 


Altruism or helping other people is a positive emotion that can cause a domino effect. Begin small, like helping your co-workers with a difficult task or navigating a newbie. Spreading this simple positive vibe can make them and yourself feel connected.

Experiencing joy

Joy and happiness usually go hand in hand. However, joy is often short-term and may fade faster. Finding joy at work may come from the nature of work, colleague relationships, or even rewards. Slowly finding the joy in work can lead to satisfaction and gratitude.  

Have inspiration

Feeling inspired by work can definitely help you do work more efficiently. This can help drive purpose and satisfaction. Spreading inspiration around the workplace can be also beneficial for others. Inspiration can also be a great tool for creativity, growth, and even problem-solving.

Show interest

Staying interested in both your work and its environment is a more than positive emotion. It can help you achieve your work goals and needs at a steady pace.


Gratitude and happiness are somewhat codependent. Showing gratitude to your co-workers and your bosses exudes positive emotions on every occasion. This also shows how you can look forward to going to work and actually enjoy your time spent there. 

Reasons Why Positive Workplace Emotions are Effective

Understanding the importance of positive workplace emotions has an abundance of benefits. In fact, companies are looking for ways to create a positive workplace setting that is also fit for everyone there. Studies have recently shown how positive workplace emotions impact our jobs and the environment we work in.

It raises engagement in the workplace.

The more employees exhibit positive workplace emotions, the more they remain connected. The level of engagement between employees can affect the overall productiveness of the team.

It lowers absenteeism in the workplace.

Positive workplace emotions, like satisfaction and gratitude, can greatly affect this factor. Dissatisfied employees tend to take more vacations, absences, and leaves, unlike happy employees. With a positive workplace, you’ll complete all work in time and won’t feel like a burden.

It encourages an increase in creativity.

Positive workplace emotions can lead to a positive mental state. According to studies, negative emotions deliver poor problem-solving skills. On the other hand, positive emotions help improve the brain’s most relevant functions.

It helps in coping and resilience.

Bad times and unfortunate outcomes can happen in every company. With the help of positive emotions, the workplace will cope better and bounce back from the misfortunate events. Through coping, one can analyze his or her mistakes and unforeseen factors, thus improving the overall workplace vibe.

It helps to make better choices.

With a positive mind and attitude, employees begin to make better choices. Contrary to this, negative emotions can cloud your decision-making skills. Emotions can greatly influence the quality of choices you make.

It paints a better influence.

One positive employee can definitely influence other employees as well. This influence can help radiate positive emotions in the office. With this, we can hope to achieve a more positive workplace ambient. As a result, engagement and connectedness will surely follow as well.

It encourages independence.

Independence in the workplace does not have to associate with negativity. In fact, this independence translates to good relationship boundaries in the workplace. Employees can still work alone and with confidence, and still help others in need. Positive emotions can, therefore, contribute to this mindset and improve the workplace altogether.


Negative and positive emotions are inevitable feelings everyone goes through. Therefore, you need emotional strength which will show how well you can be able to balance both. The importance and benefits of positive emotion may outweigh the negative ones. Still, in terms of optional growth, you would certainly need both.

However, the power of positive workplace emotions is not a practice you should ignore. Many programs and activities can help boost positive emotions in the workplace. Compared to work compensations, feeling good and positive can make an employee work there longer and better. So, next time you’re looking for a career boost, try turning to positivity for answers.