5 Studies on Attracting Positive Emotions in the Workplace

Positive emotional strength

It doesn’t take a genius to know that you’ll be able to do your work better if you’re happier. When is the last time you had a boss who always yells and puts you down? How did your work turn out? Most likely, your performance took a turn for the worst because you just couldn’t stand seeing your boss’ face. Even if you do have a positive emotional strength, there’s only so much you can take.

This already tells us one thing— triggering positive workplace emotions is crucial for your employees’ happiness. Here are a few benefits and tips on how to cultivate positive emotions in the workplace.

Creating Positive Emotional Strength

How does positive emotional strength help us become better in the workplace and aid us in developing positive emotions?

  • Makes Us Enthusiastic About the Future

According to psychologist Martin Seligman, positive emotional strength, especially at work, increases through optimism. When this happens, the work performance in employees improves as well. Of course, better work performance will eventually lead to more productivity, a beneficial consideration for the company.

  • Prevents Any Mental Health Conditions

Elizabeth Cabrera states in a report called the Six Essentials of Workplace Positivity that a positive working environment helps with the overall psychology of the employees. In fact, employees who are happy have much better mental health, less anxiety, lower chances of depression, and positive emotional strength. They also know how to manage emotions better, and be more resilient and rational. 

  • Provides Better Health

Cabrera also takes note that happier employees are also healthier employees— physically. She elaborates how happier the employees have lower blood pressures and less hormonal problems. They also have stronger immunity to a variety of illnesses. This is most likely because happier workers know how to develop positive emotional strength. With that, they are able to prevent any heavy baggage from wearing them down.

  • Brings In More Customers

A recent study states that if you want your business to grow, your employees need to be more engaging. Obviously, they have to be happy if they are to be more engaging. Happy employees have this energy that they can transfer to customers. If a customer recognizes the employee is happy, they’ll be more than happy to do business with them. 

Let’s put it into a practical situation. Two salesmen are trying to sell you something. The first salesman is all happy and enthusiastic about the sale. The second salesman is bored and monotonous regarding the sale. So, which salesman will you choose to seal the deal? The obvious answer will be the more enthusiastic one. No customer is going to buy from a salesman that isn’t enthusiastic about his product. So, if you want more customers, keep your employees happy and satisfied. 

  • Enhances Productivity as a Whole

Shawn Achor, the CEO of a consulting firm named Aspirant, was interviewed by Sarah Green about positivity in the workplace. Knowing that Achor thinks that positive working environment keeps a team moving, even through severe issues, is satisfactory. He says that the only people underperforming are the unhappy members of a team. At the same time, the happy and engaged employees are still in the game. Surprisingly, stress wasn’t that big of a factor, as mentioned by Achor.

This goes to show that even in times of stress and problems, a happy workforce can still stay productive. As long as the morale is high, there shouldn’t be any issues.

How Bosses Can Create a Good Working Environment

In order to create a good working environment, the most important thing for a boss to do is learn how to manage emotions. Obviously, a boss who is irritable or unhappy all the time will produce a team of unhappy workers. As per the aforementioned studies, an unhappy team will diminish their work performance, thus causing an overall productivity drop.

Aside from that, the management has to consistently come up with ways to keep the morale high. This could be through encouraging words, emotional fitness exercises, or possibly even a company outing. Whatever the management decides to do, they have to make sure that it boosts positivity. With a positive workplace, the workers will be happy. This, in turn, boosts production.


If you own a business or manage a team, then you know how important manpower is. Manpower boosts a company drastically. So, if you want your company to grow, you need to always take care of your assets. In this case, you must take care of your people. These 5 studies illustrate the benefits of having happy employees. If you have a positive team, you can expect positive sales for the month.

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