Can Mobile Phone Radiation Affect Memory Performance?

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The effects of mobile phone radiation have long been debated by experts and scientists. Some studies have shown that the radiation of mobile phones is not harmful enough to have a bad impact on our body, while other studies found out that the radiation it produces may form cancer cells, and it may also have adverse effects on a person’s memory.

Nowadays, products that offer EMF protection are offered everywhere. It has an anti-radiation feature that can help mobile phone users prevent the negative side effects of using mobile phones for longer periods.

EMF, also known as Electromagnetic Fields has various negative effects in the body according to studies, and long term exposure to it may cause cell damage and sleeping problems. On the other hand, products that have EMF protection have said to be effective in blocking radiation; however, it does not protect your entire body.

Rather, it is only effective in the small area of the body it covers. Having said that the radiation of mobile phones has a negative impact on a person’s memory in some studies, we will discuss further how phone radiation affects the brain.

Adverse Effects of Phone Radiation on Your Brain

We can never deny the fact that a mobile phone is an essential part of our daily lives nowadays. Almost everyone in the world owns one, and this enables us to communicate with loved ones easily and effortlessly. However, using them also has a negative impact on the body.

The WHO recently announced that phone radiation is a possible carcinogen. Of course, this puts long-term cell users at risk of getting brain cancer.

Make sure your kids limit their use of your mobile phone as well. Typically, their bodies absorb radiation ten times higher than adults. Excessive exposure can greatly affect their overall development, so it’s always recommended you’re on the safe side.

A study from the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority that is based in Finland discovered that the radiation from a mobile phone is possibly causing brain tissue damage to its users. You may want to limit your usage if you experience frequent headaches, insomnia, or nausea.

Additionally, the radiation that the mobile phone emits can also affect the memory of its users. Considering the fact that it is also the culprit of sleeplessness if used for long hours every day, eventually, it may also pose a serious risk on a user’s brain.

Phone Radiation and Memory

Scientists found out in a study conducted by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, that adolescents are more likely to suffer from memory problems since they are the ones who have long exposure to mobile phones during the whole day.

This can have a negative impact on their figural memory, which makes us recognize and visualize different images and shapes. The said memory is located in the right part of the brain, thus, phone users who usually take their calls on their right ear are much likely to be affected.

How to Reduce Radiation Exposure?

It is advisable to put your phone on airplane mode or turn it off when not in use. Keeping it on airplane mode will still enable you to use some apps but be wary that using wi-fi will still get you exposed, albeit minimal, to radiation.

Do not put your phone near you while you sleep. You can put it on your dresser or any place that is a few feet away from the bed.

If possible, take your calls on speakerphone mode. You can also use your headset, however, it also disseminates low levels of radiation.

Sending a message instead of calling your loved ones can also help you to limit your exposure to radiation.

Some studies discovered that putting your mobile phone in your pocket may cause sperm damage. To stay safe, especially with a child around, put your phone inside a backpack instead.

For women, some products are available to protect their abdomens from the radiation. But, you can also try keeping your phone away or using a pouch to put it in.

Getting a good night’s sleep in a dark room enables your body to heal from the damage radiation caused during the day.


After discovering the phone radiation effects on the brain, phone users must take immediate precautionary measures.

While possibly challenging for most, if you overuse your phone, try taking it down a notch.

Being vigilant and careful regarding the effects of the products that you use daily matters in maintaining great health.

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