What You Need to Know About EMFs?

Phone EMF protection

In the ever-changing world we live in today, we witnessed the birth of many technological advancements. Together with these, we also saw the invention of facilities, equipment, machines, and devices. People really love technology. From making calls to enjoying the addictive world of Facebook, many of us are attached to our screens. The digital world is enthralling and constantly growing. Even studies indicate the surrounding electromagnetic fields created by EMF triggers are beyond harmful for both the body and mind. When it comes more important target devices to be wary of, practicing cell phone EMF protection is a must.

Advances in technology have completely altered social relationships and changed the ways of teaching and learning. With that, these enhanced communication passages, and created significant business growth. But, the precious devices we have come to cherish and rely on may actually be conspicuously destroying our health.

  • What is EMF and Cell Phone EMF Protection?

EMF stands for an electromagnetic field. It is a term to describe energy associated with natural and artificial lighting and the use of electrical power and structure. EMFs include magnetic and electric fields created by charged atoms. In addition, this includes devices such as TVs, radios, or X-Ray machines as well.

These fields are measured in units of volts per meter or V/m. EMFs are always strongest near the source and decreases the farther you are from the source. These energies have the capability to affect particles in distant places. For instance, radiation from radio towers affects the particles of a radio antenna, allowing the signal to be detected.

Where do EMFs come from?

Electrical and magnetic forces are practically present everywhere. One natural source of strong positive and negative electric charges is the earth itself. These energies apply forces to one another, creating EMFs. Stronger voltage brings a stronger electric field.

Magnetic fields derive from electrical charges in motion. In addition to natural sources, EMFs are part of many man-made devices, like appliances, electrical transformers, power lines, and phones.

How is EMF Classified?

EMFs are designated based on their wavelength and frequency. To further interpret these classifications, it is significant to know some facts about how EMFs travel through space. Energy in the electromagnetic spectrum happens in a series of waves comparable to the rhythmic increase and decrease of ocean tides.

  • Frequency is described as the number of oscillations that occur per second.
  • Wavelength is reported as the time between waves.

Wavelength and frequency are, thus, closely related and are inversely related; the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength. Below are different types of EMFs based on their wavelength and frequency:

  • Ionizing radiation
  • Non-ionizing radiation

Electromagnetic fields that carry enough energy to break bonds between atoms are called ionizing radiation while those insufficient to break atoms are termed as non-ionizing radiation. Subsequently, the higher the energy, the more potential damage it can create.

Are EMFs dangerous to human health?

Although science explains that higher levels of EMFs bring energy which alters the cells and DNA. Even still, there are debates on the effects of low-level EMF.  Some researchers state low-level EMF causes infertility, dermatologic problems, or even cancer.

Over the last three decades, there were over 25, 000 articles debating this matter. Each of them offers contradicting data as to the effects of low EMF levels. This is so because some articles are siding with EMF devices manufacturing companies.

One clinical condition called Electronic Hypersensitivity (EHS) relates to short-term EMF exposure. Some, but not all of these symptoms, include:

  • Dermatological changes
  • Fatigue, tiredness
  • Concentration difficulties etc.
How to Achieve Cell Phone EMF Protection?

It is impossible to eliminate EMFs from the environment. But, some easy techniques can reduce the risk related to chronic exposure to harmful EMFs.

  • Get a Measurement

You can measure the levels EMFs personally by using a gaussmeter, which can be purchased online if you ever think that the EMF level produced by your local power line is above the baseline cut-off value.

  • Create Space

As mentioned above, the strength of electromagnetic fields declines with space. So, you should decide to live as further away from the facilities that emit high levels of EMFs. Additionally, you should also be mindful not to put your cell phones in your pocket and to never place directly onto your lap a laptop.

  • Limit Time

Minimizing the exposure to EMFs greatly reduces the risk of acquiring potential damage to one’s body. One way to do this is to introduce yourself to yoga. This practice will provide you with the ideal cell phone EMF protection.

Yoga is one of the effective ways that people can improve their well-being. Practicing yoga for cell phone EMF protection is a reliable method to stay away from using devices which produces harmful amounts of energy.

  • Use a Shield

With the discovery of these harmful waves comes the invention of tools which reduce the exposure. Many of these are available online and you can buy them whenever you want.

Also, use cases to enable a full cell phone EMF protection. This especially counts if you are prone to longer cell phone exposure. For a hint of fashion, wear EMF protection jewelry like cell phone EMF protection bracelets or rings.

The above mentioned are just a few things that you need to know about EMFs. But, the information above will surely give you an overview as to what the effects of EMFs are. In addition, it will focus the attention on the things you should do if you experience EMF issues.