What Is Personal Energy Field and How to Boost It?

personal energy field

Did you know that we all have our own personal energy field, waiting to be activated?

Everything in this universe is made of energy. As life begins, there creates a flow from exterior to interior and vice versa. As you know, the flow of energy stops when life ends and becomes part of universal energy.

In short, the existing energy that keeps us living and surviving is what we called “life force”. Another specific term is “prana” or “chi”. As a person contains this life force, a field forms around the outlines of the body which is called the personal energy field or aura. 

What is Personal Energy Field?

A personal energy field, or aura, is the formation or boundary of which the life energy is contained or limited. Pop culture and the entertainment industry illustrate this as a form of radiating light or flame-like projection surrounding the outlines of the body. The personal energy field is made up of the seven main energy centers or “chakras”.

Chakras are energy channels wherein the life force passes in and out as the body continues to survive. They are invisibly located inside from head to the lower tip of the spinal column, similar to how totem poles with seven divisions looked like. Each of the seven chakras represents a major aspect of one’s well-being.

As the body receives the energy of all sorts, the chakras regulate and transform these energies as fuel. Although connected, chakras are different from the aura. This is because the latter refers to the area surrounding the body, manifesting the quality and quantity of life energy.

Importance of Personal Energy Fields

There are two important purposes of aura or personal energy field: one is protection, and the other is information exchange:

  • Protection

The aura serves as a protective energy barrier between a body from the rest outside. A healthy aura keeps one positive amidst all that’s happening outside while an unhealthy aura easily bends to the effects of the environment. The outside energies will start to flow to the body and to the chakras, affecting the major aspects of one’s being.

  • Information Exchange

The aura’s shape and depth convey the way you behave towards others and vice versa. The aura is similar to your gut feeling or intuition and it indicates if a person is hostile or has wrong intentions. Moreover, the same goes for recognizing if a person is jolly, so the aura radiates in an encouraging manner. One can develop an ability to “read” an aura, but it takes a lot of experience in analyzing, familiarizing, and interpreting before being ‘reading’ the energy right. 

The Decline of Personal Energy Field

Chakras and auras correlate with one another. Whatever state your chakras might be in, your aura will protect them. Therefore, the only way that an aura can be weakened naturally is for the chakras not to function properly. Additionally, chakras are weakened due to the negative energy people decided to absorb.

Indirectly, bad habits and bad environments contribute to the decline of the personal energy field or aura. Take note that once the life force runs out of a person’s body, it will only mean ceasing to exist. It is important to learn how to increase vital energy from time to time, no matter how harsh the outside environment is or will be. 

Ways for Boosting

There are plenty of ways to boost or increase your life force energy and its natural flow. The key is to keep the chakras functioning and utilize positive energy while rejecting the negative energy in order to maintain a healthy aura. They’re as follows:

  • Meditation

Meditation allows you to reconnect with the universal energy and have that “feel” of the flow of energy. It is at this calming state where you isolate the consciousness from the harmful environment.

  • Breathing

Breathing is synonymous with survival. Additionally, proper breathing involves proper posture and timing, especially in stressful situations. As a result, a suitable breathing pattern can help the body cells to perform ideally under the flow of oxygen.

  • Food Intake

As one of the obvious sources of energy for the body, the quality and quantity of food intake matters. Simply, better quality means the amount of nutrients is plenty and the digesting method is easy for the stomach. Meanwhile, quantity refers to the frequency and the abundance of the quality food consumed.

  • Affirmations

To prevent negativity, adopt the practice of using daily affirmations. They can be praises, acknowledgments, and even constructive criticism to a certain degree. A simple spoken word can revitalize one’s thoughts and emotions to a level of happiness.

  • Laughter

Laughter is an expression, oftentimes involuntary, that conveys hysteria over a certain thought or situation. It is also a healthy outlet, or moreover, an encouraging reaction that can lead to enjoyment.

  • Compassion

Compassion is what makes as humans rather than monsters. To be able to express love and convey intentions and actions of generosity create an environment of positivity. It’s not only beneficial to one’s self but other individuals as well.

  • Pursuing of Interests

Pursuing hobbies or interests lets you channel built-up energy and do something productive instead. In addition, such an outlet can lead to great results which, in turn, will give you a boost in self-esteem.

  • Physical Self-Awareness

Improving one’s physical body enables the chakra to function efficiently. Therefore, this is achieved by practicing regular exercise and sleep.

  • Removal from Toxicity

You can leave all the negativity behind, even just for a temporary period, by going outdoors and experiencing the beauty of nature. Also, another way is to remove toxic relationships that drain your life force and leave you filled with negativity.

  • Use of Enhancers

With the dependence that people have for technology, exposure to constant radiation has become normally occurring. Through the chakra crystals and essential oils, you can use them for EMF protection. This way, you will prevent negative energy that is naturally impossible to avoid, like radiation. 


No matter the method, if you don’t practice it daily, the function of chakras won’t improve. Therefore, consider the methods that can improve your life force, as it is crucial for maintaining your health.


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