How Do Orgone Pendants Work?

orgone pendants

What Is an Orgone Pendant?

An orgone pendant is a personal EMF protection device shielding you from the harmful side effects of electromagnetic radiation. However, orgone pendants are abundant in other benefits as well, aiming to improve your physical and spiritual health, sleep patterns, and provide more energy.

Orgone, also known as prana, chi, ki, mana, etc. is regarded as a universal life force that’s present in everything. Ever since the 1930s, it has been proved that orgone is the basic building block of all organic and inorganic matter. Orgone energy was first observed by Wilhelm Reich, a psychoanalyst that managed to objectively measure its movements.

It seems that energy flows from the inside of your body core to the outside surface when you’re feeling expansion or pleasure, and flows from the surface to the interior when you’re feeling fear, anxiety, and contraction.

Allow orgone to help you relax and calm your stressful environment, whether it’s at home, work, or while you’re driving. Orgone pendants are not only beautiful but actually work to reduce the negative energy surrounding you.

What Is Orgonite?

Made from crystals, metals, and resin, orgonite is an energy healing device. In orgonite, organic and non-organic materials draw out this layered energy.

Orgonite is a half and half mix of metal shavings (non-organic) and resin (organic), while quartz crystals create some of the best orgonite mixes. Naturally, this allows the energy to land in the center of the Orgone.

How does orgonite work? Well, the non-organic metals in it both deflect and attract the energy, while organic materials attract and hold energy. Since these elements in orgonite are continuously rich in energy, there’s an action clearing the negative and stagnant vibes.

While orgonite does not actually reduce EMF, it does protect your body from the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation. Usually, these come from your cell phone, TV, computer, laptop, microwave oven, fridge, power outlets and else.

 How Do Orgone Pendants Work?

Orgone pendants work to heal energy blockages and promote an unobstructed flow where you feel more calm, joyful, and harmonious. At the same time, QuanThor pendants work to enhance the body’s own energy field. With this, the pendants protect against harmful radiation from EMF devices.

As these pendants daily, they continuously offer EMF shielding against electromagnetic radiation. Wearing the Flower of Life EMF protection orgone pendant will increase your liveliness, peace, calm, and relaxation.

So, how do orgone pendants work to offer EMF protection? Orgone is capable of reducing the effects of EMF radiation by neutralizing positive ions, turning them into negative ions.

Contrary to popular belief, negative ions are beneficial for health and are found in nature. Moreover, they positively impact your mood, nervous system, wellbeing, and overall health.

Orgone vibrates at an intense level, boosting your aura, and protecting you from stress, negativity, and damaging EMF.

You can carry orgone pendants to work, at home or wherever you feel exposed. Also, place them under the bed to reduce insomnia and enhance sleep quality. W

Orgone Pendant Benefits.

Obviously, most people use these pendants and orgonite to get EMF radiation protection and balance their energetic field. However, there are other uses for these pendants as well. Thus, you can use orgone pendants to:

  • Improve sleep quality and promote vivid dreams
  • Enhance energy levels and vitality while decreasing apathy and lethargy
  • Block, deflect and absorb harmful EMFs
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve visualization
  • Clear chakras and deflect harmful vibes
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Remove negative energy from a specific area or place
  • Improve physical and spiritual health
  • Purifies the atmosphere
  • Reduce headaches and dizziness
  • Promotes happier, more positive mood

From the online orgone pendant reviews available, it seems that one of the first things people notice is better sleep. Satisfied users say that QuanThor pendants promote good sleep, and in the long run, even treats chronic insomnia.

As with most EMF protection devices, orgone pendant benefits can vary from person to person. While some notice immediate improvements, for others, the benefits of orgone pendants come later on.

Best Orgone Pendant.

Where can you find the best orgone pendant? Amazon seems like an obvious choice according to the orgone pendant reviews. Therefore, our QuanThor Orgone Pendant Flower Of Life represents one of the most powerful EMF protection products available.

Why is that? Besides the EMF protection it offers, the QuanThor Orgone Pendant Flower of Life cleanses all your chakras, helping you connect to your spirit guides. At the same time, it also shields against negativity and harmful vibes, making it ideal for purifying.

Additionally, this fashionable pendant raises your vibration and strengthens your body’s biofield. With this, it improves your vitality and physical energy, while also boosting creativity. In regards to EMF protection, the QuanThor orgone contains tourmaline and obsidian. As for your chakras, it uses:

  • Clear quartz crystal — for spirituality, wisdom, and peace.
  • Amethyst — raising awareness, visualization, intuition.
  • Lapis lazuli — stimulating communication and intellectual ability.
  • Malachite — boosting love, healing, peace, and acceptance.
  • Tiger’s Eye — enhances power, self-esteem, and wisdom.
  • Carnelian — awakens sexuality, creativity, and happiness.
  • Jasper — triggers trust, vibrancy, and health.

Orgone is also an energy filter, drawing energies to the metal Flower of Life symbol.

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Since this QuanThor orgone takes care of all of your needs, you can understand why we believe it is one of the best orgone pendants available, if not the best. If you want to find orgonite pendants for sale, check out our QuanThor Flower of Life and get a lifetime guarantee.

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