How Orgone Pendants Can Protect You from EMF

orgone pendant

Have you ever heard of an orgone pendant?

If what health experts are saying is true, then tech devices, like smartphones, computers, and antenna-dependent electronics all emit EMF. As you know, EMF is one of the biggest and unseen health threats. But, to prevent or divert such possible damage, there are affordable alternative solutions, like wearing an orgone pendant.


Orgone pendants are ornaments worn that provide a specific function such as for EMF protection. It aims to shield the user from the harmful effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. It has other functions as well such as improvement of spiritual and physical health, adjustment of sleeping patterns and providing abundant energy.

Orgone is the universal life force present in all things. It comes with other names like ‘chi’, ‘prana’, ‘ki’, ‘mana’ and more. It used to be the building block of any inorganic or organic material. The psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich first observed it in the 1930s.

The energy flows from inside the body to the surface when it expands or feels pleasure. The energy also flows from outside the surface to the interior when you are feeling anxiety, fear, and contraction. Orgone pendants channel the energy flow properly to help you remain calm and relax reducing the negativity around a stressful environment.

Origin of the Orgone Pendant

Initially, Orgonites are made from crystals, resin, and metals. All these serve the purpose of healing your energy. As such, they are a mixture of metal shavings, the non-organic element, and resin, the organic element. Additionally, the quartz crystal improves the mixture to allow the landing of energy in the orgone’s center.

Orgonite is the product based on the discovery of Wilhelm Reich’s research about orgone. Basically, it functions as a deflector of stagnant and negative energy and an attraction of positive energy. While it doesn’t reduce EMF, it shields one’s body from its harmful effects.


First, the organite molds into a part of a wearable material that becomes an orgone pendant. This product is much easier to handle since it can be worn, no matter what the occasion and duration. Next, orgone pendants aim to resolve energy obstacles and maintain an unrestricted flow of calmness, joyfulness, and harmony.

Therefore, orgone pendants are a popular form of EMF protection. For instance, they help reduce negative effects by neutralizing positive ions to negative ones. With that, you can improve your wellness in the long run.

It is common knowledge that attracting negative ions is naturally beneficial. Interestingly, the orgone chakra healing pendant is of the same material that focuses more on healing chakra channels.

You can carry your orgone pendant with you and wear it anywhere. Preferably, you should wear it at locations where you feel vulnerable to EMF. Another way to use them is to place the pendant underneath the bed. With this, you will enhance your quality of sleep and reduce insomnia.


As a common rule, the orgone pendant must be placed closest to the intended object or situation. If it is used as an EMF protector, then it must be placed on the object that emits EMF. In cases of smartphones and other portable gadgets, you can also wear the orgone pendant instead.

Moreover, the orgone pendant establishes a balance in the energy field which shields you from the EMF radiation. Aside from being used for EMF protection, it can be also be used for other positive things. Simply put, here are some of the orgone pendant benefits:

  • Improving the quality of sleep quality and promoting pleasant dreams
  • Enhancement of levels of energy and vitality by decreasing the feelings of apathy and lethargy
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improvement of visualization
  • Clearing of chakras and deflecting harmful vibes
  • Boosting confidence in one’s self
  • Removal of negative energy glowing from a specific area or place
  • Improvement of spiritual and physical health
  • Purification of the atmosphere
  • Reduction of tendencies for dizziness and headaches
  • Promotion of happy and optimistic disposition

Out of all benefits, most users first notice the effectiveness when their sleep patterns improve. In addition, orgone pendants’ effects may vary from one individual to another. This is because not everyone has the same habits or duration of exposure to negative energy.

Variety of Orgone Pendants

An orgone pendant utilizes a variety of crystals to improve a specific aspect. Below are some of the top orgone crystals and their  respective purposes:

  • Amethyst – raises one’s awareness, intuition, and visualization.
  • Carnelian – awakens one’s sexuality and creativity that can lead to happiness.
  • Clear Quartz – improves spirituality and wisdom and promotes tranquility.
  • Jasper – triggers trustworthiness and vibrancy.
  • Lapis lazuli – stimulates intellectual and communication ability.
  • Malachite – boosts emotions in seeking for love, peace, healing, and acceptance.
  • Tiger’s Eye – enhances one’s power, wisdom, and self-esteem.

For those interested, you can easily purchase an orgone chakra healing pendant online. They are affordable and the shelf life is long since they function as they exist.

Ultimately, it is an affordable investment anyone should make. There is no harm in believing the benefits of orgone crystals. And, while it is not advisable to use it medically, orgone pedants will successfully handle your energy blockages.

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