Orgone Energy- How Does it Work

orgone energy

Orgone Energy: How Does it Work?

For many years, it has been debated whether life is bound by an energy force that could be used by the body to alter into something more surreal. Back in the days, this energy was known to be the Chi. Now it has been centralized as an energy form called the orgone energy.


How was Orgone Energy Discovered?

The idea about Orgone Energy was first introduced by an Austrian scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who was born in 1897 in the Alpine lands. His teacher was Sigmund Freud who had also staged a name at the time. Reich was a prominent figure back then and was known for his outstanding written works that covered psychology. He deeply excavated ideas about anxiety with the touch of neurosis.

His astonishment at the brilliance of the mind led to his exploration in cosmology and bioelectricity, where he ventured into experiments involving airborne organisms. Afterward, the journey took him to discover Orgone energy. With commitment and fascination, Reich’s ideas concluded that manipulation of Orgone energy can heal.

The notion that Reich was able to conduct thorough research helped him to understand the view of life in a larger spectrum. With this knowledge that he gathered, he thought of transposing the negative energy of one individual into something pure.

Wilhelm Reich built his concept on the healing capability of the Orgone energy by conducting many studies. One included culturing SAPA bions that are derived from the Orgone energy itself. This is to prove how the radiation energy emitted by the Orgone is likely similar to the energy radiated by the sun’s rays.

In the experiment, he incorporated cancer cells by placing them next to the bions of the Orgone. According to the results, the cancer cells placed next to the Orgone bions died. This led him to suspect that Orgone could heal existing diseases either physical or mental.


Body Armouring

Energy, according to Dr. Reich, can penetrate the tissue due to trauma that blocks and stores it inside the body. This is especially true for muscle tissues. The entrapment of the energy then creates a locked-in tension causing it to get heavier and become the Deadly Orgone Energy.


Dead Orgone Energy

When dead orgone energy invades the body, it is thought to gobble down the good things an individual has. Hence, it disrupts the positive environment of the body and creates turmoil inside it. This energy brings out toxicity and chaos destroying the smooth flow within the corporeal being.

As a result, the dead orgone energy affects life more destructively. Also, it does not only affect the totality of the person, but it can traverse its effect on the environment.

With this notion, Dr. Reich formulated Orgone Energy Accumulators to emancipate the human body from further destruction caused by the dead energy. These accumulators were proposed to alter the dead orgone energy into more useful positive orgone energy.


Orgonites as Protection

Aside from the Orgone energy accumulator and cloudbuster that Dr. Reich was able to build, orgonite is now becoming a trend that caters to the orgone energy. Orgonites can be used in homes to prevent the orgone energy from being stagnant, which causes the dead orgone energy.

In this technological world where life depends on devices that emit an electromagnetic field, the need for emf protection is a must. Devices such as cell phones, computers, and WiFi are just among the many devices that radiate electromagnetic fields.

With prolong exposure, most people report orgone side effects like depression, anxiety, headaches, and even a loss of libido. Fortunately, orgonite can work by just being near the device or touching it physically. Through these, the unwanted energy is evaporated making an individual free of the chaos.

The use of orgonite can provide EMF protection by transforming the energy into a positive one. The energy that is released from these orgonite devices causes stillness, tranquility, and healing from within. They alleviate the amount of stress coming out of the body and replace it with a cleansed energy.


Orgonite Energy Pyramid

Orgonite energy pyramid is one of the devices that have an astonishing effect on a home. Orgone pyramids are comprised of a mix of both organic and non-organic materials that can move the orgone energy and cleanse the stagnant and negative energies.

It keeps the orgone energy moving to inhibit it from becoming stagnant as this can result in dead orgone energy. Also known as orgone generators, these pyramids can help retune the home with Orgone energy. The pyramid can clean the energies in the living, work, and sleeping spaces. Consequently, they protect people from EMF radiation.



Having a positive and good outlook in life is something that everyone wants to grasp. However, this may not always be possible because of the negative energy that resides within the body. That is why understanding how orgone energy works is important to aid in the process of healing and freeing the body from any toxicities.