Improve Your Wellbeing with the Orgone Chakras Pendant

Whenever your wellbeing is cracking around the edges, give orgone chakra pendants a chance to set you on the right track!

More likely than not, you probably own a certain kind of orgonite. For the longest time that you have been keeping such a piece, have you ever wondered about the history of orgone? How does it affect our wellbeing? How to activate your orgone chakra pendants? Keep on reading to know more! 

A Brief History of Orgone

The word “orgone” was never heard of until the 1930s and 1940s. During those decades, Dr. Wilhelm Reich detected and measured the presence of the “etheric energy” (life energy). He used a specially designed Geiger counter to measure this energy. Dr. Reich called this energy “orgone”. As to why he chose the word “orgone” and where he derived it remains a puzzle.

Dr. Reich was able to observe and figure out that the combination of alternating layers of organic and inorganic substances is capable of attracting and collecting etheric energy or orgone. He first observed this in the alternating layers of steel wool (inorganic substance) and fiberglass (organic substance).

The energy that these combinations of materials attracted includes both life-beneficial and harmful energy. For the positive etheric energy, Dr. Reich called it “POR” (Positive Orgone) or simply “OR” (Orgone). Subsequently, he coined the negative energy “DOR” (Deadly Orgone). 

The Science Behind Orgone Chakra Pendants

With Dr. Reich’s continuously growing curiosity on orgone and how significant it is to human life, he made several experiments to further explore such a discovery. In one of his first experiments, he made large boxes which he called “orgone accumulators” or simply called “oracs”. He used the principle he discovered from the alternating layers of steel wool and fiberglass.

What he did was set his patients inside the box of orgone accumulators for certain periods. With the use of this method, Dr. Reich was able to heal his patients of many ailments which include different types of cancer. This began the breakthrough of treating a person’s anxiety and illness with the use of positive energy that comes from nature.

Dr. Reich William Reich pursued his orgone research. He built an orgone research facility (Orgonon) in a rural area of Maine, USA for this. He chose this location because, at that time, it was quite isolated from the presence of DOR. The place has no radio towers and nuclear power plants which are considerable sources of DOR.

In his continuous research, he found out that even if the box would accumulate negative energy, the minerals and crystals therein can transform it into positive energy, thus enabling a person to absorb free-flowing positive energy. 

The Power of Orgone Chakra Pendants Over Humans

Orgonites and health are often related. It is a blend of metals, quarts, and resins that give strength to the body’s energy field. This is why it’s often used for EMF protection as it improves people’s wellbeing in general, allowing them to be healthier and more protected from the effects of radiation.

With orgonites, you would be able to have better sleep and have vivid dreams. You would also feel more energetic than usual as well as balanced moods and decreased sensitivity when it comes to EMF. It promotes the psychological and spiritual growth of individuals. Most importantly, it increases the body’s resistance to illnesses. 

Different Types of Orgone and Their Impact
Lemurian Nanocrystal

One of the types of orgonite is the Lemurian nanocrystal. This is such a great advancement in the technology of orgonite and health. It is made out of the Lemurian seed crystal, nano metals, and others. Moreover, the Lemurian seed appears to be more superior to the other types of crystals.


Some individuals make use of citrine rather than using the normal quartz as a part of their orgonite pieces. The reason for this is that it still functions the same regardless of the quartz crystals used. However, some people said that those that contain citrine are slightly better on some of the emotional applications.


The Carnelian a sacral chakra stone that is capable of boosting one’s energy. It aids individuals in restoring their motivation, vitality, as well as their creativity. It could help people have trust in themselves again. Moreover, it is capable of providing people with the confidence and courage that they need in their everyday lives.

Amethysts Orgone

You can easily purchase the amethyst orgone chakra pendants online. They mostly work on the crown and third eye chakra but are mostly used for healing purposes. This stone is known as an all-purpose stone since it can enhance the psychic power, telepathy, as well as the intuition of the one using it. It could also reduce depression, anger, and even nightmares.

Aventurine Orgonite

This is the cleanser of the heart chakra. It serves as the comforter that can remove all the negativities including negative thoughts and emotions. Thus, individuals who are wearing them would feel calm emotionally. It facilitates the release of heartaches and unhealthy relationships.

Black Tourmaline Orgonites

These stones are protecting and grounding orgonites related to the root chakra. Thus, whenever you feel like the energy inside your body is fading, this could help you gain a strong presence. This is capable of repelling different kinds of negative energy. Thus, it is capable of protecting people against any form of negativity. Just make sure you know how to activate your orgone chakra pendants carefully.

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