Negative Ion Devices: Health Benefits and a Scientific Approach

negative ions devices

When it comes to devices which promote health and counteract the negative effects of the environment, negative ions devices are the one to watch. There is countless evidence concerning the effects of negative ions, some dating from several centuries ago. Until now, there are ongoing studies to verify such effects.

What is a Negative Ion?

Let us first define the meaning of ion. An ion, according to Merriam Webster, is an atom or a group of atoms that carries a negative or positive electric charge as a result of having lost or gained one or more electrons.

When speaking of negative ions, we are referring to a greater number of negative electrons or particles. One cannot detect negative ions through senses as it is tasteless, invisible, odorless and exists everywhere.

Classification of Negative Ions

Negative ions are classified in two ways – according to size and according to chemical composition.

·         According to Size.

Negative ions are byproducts of different molecules, which floats in the air. Depending on the size of the combined molecule, negative ions may be small, medium, or large.

According to studies, small negative ions are those that are beneficial to the human body. It is because they are light-weight and can be absorbed easily.

·         According to Chemical Composition. 

While there is no solid evidence yet to the chemical composition of negative ions, they are classified into three possible compositions:

  • Nitric acid ion – NO3- + (H2O)n
  • Carbon dioxide ion – CO3- + (H2O)n
  • Oxide ion – O2- + (H2O)n

According to current research, the nitric acid ion is the most common ion used in the negative ions list for therapeutic purposes.

Negative Ions Sources.

There are two sources of negative ions. One source comes from a natural environment like waterfalls, sunlight, lightning, and cosmic rays. These resources are vast sources of natural negative ions. These natural resources cannot be confined to a room or a place of choice.

The other source comes from negative ions devices. Devices that have been invented to produce negative ions include:

High-density negative ion generator or Ionizer.

These types of negative ions devices emit electrons blown into the air by electrodes. Usually, ionizers come with a negative ion measuring feature to make sure that the device is functioning properly.

An air conditioner with negative ion capability.

This type is usually combined with air conditioners. It ionizes the room while giving a cool room temperature.

Negative ion generators with an air purifier.

This type of negative ion generator refreshes the room air by collecting the impurities then emits ionized air to the room.

Magnetic tourmaline bracelet and necklace.

This type uses a magnetic principle of producing negative ions, generated through tourmaline-made material. This is used as a bracelet or ornament similar to magnetic therapy. It promotes the desired health benefits in contact with the skin as it enhances blood flow. Magnetic therapy causes a reaction of the iron and water content of the blood.

Tourmaline sheets.

It is a fact that tourmaline crystals generate negative ions. That said, crystals naturally emit electric charges under external pressure. This property of the tourmaline crystal has been utilized even without external pressure. The tourmaline sheets have many uses as listed by the manufacturer. The list as follows.

  • Bed cloth. It goes under a thin bed cover to sleep on. It is not advisable to lay on it directly as it is not as smooth as bed clothing. This is also to prolong the life of the tourmaline sheet.
  • Cushion. Stuff the sheet on cushions for daily use on the living room area.
  • Pillows. Stuff the tourmaline sheet inside a pillowcase for a good night’s sleep.
  • Creative applications. One such product user used it as lumbar support or car backrest. There are limitless ways and means for its use. It also works as an effective sleeping mask.

The Effects of Negative Ions Devices.

The effects of negative ions include positive effects on people. They improve the conditions of the human body. Some experiments on the negative ion state that they have positive effects on people’s moods, focus, and physical state.

In addition, you can utilize negative ions through magnetic therapy. With magnetic therapy, relaxation increases, symptoms of disease lessen, and focus and alertness improve. Also, people report reduced anxiety and depression. Even more, plants and animals studies showed beneficial effects from the use of negative ions.


While you cannot see, feel or taste negative ions, they certainly have countless benefits to the body. Moreover, there are several ways for you to acquire it. If you are keen to try one, have a consultation with the experts to know which of the negative ions devices will best suit your condition.

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