Best Negative Ion Bracelets for an EMF-free Life

negative ion bracelets

Negative ion bracelets can improve your mood, enhance the energy levels, boost mental performance and fight free radicals. Through its internal components, shielding bracelets benefit your circulation, relieve joint and muscle pain, boosts the immunity, and enhance the metabolism.

But how do these bracelets work as an anti-EMF device? And more importantly, what are the best negative ion bracelets to use against EMF exposure?

What Are Negative Ions?

Before learning more about negative ions, it’s important to understand what an ion is. Ions are electrically charged particles which form when atoms lose or gain electrons.

An atom charges when the number of electrons is different from the number of protons in that atom or molecule. Atoms can acquire a negative charge (more electrons than protons) or a positive charge (more protons than electrons). When an atom attaches to another atom due to its unequal number of protons and electrons, it becomes an ion.

Therefore, if an atom has more protons than electrons, it is called a positive ion. If the atom has more electrons than protons, it becomes a negative ion or anion. In natural settings, negative ions outnumber positive ions.

These ions are generated by waterfalls, rivers, crashing waves, or even in fountains and showers. While plants are also good sources of negative ions, a negative ion generator is a much more convenient and practical option.

Negative Ion Bracelets Benefits.

Negative ion generators enrich the area around you. By generating negative-charge ions, a bracelet counterbalances the stale home or office air packed with positive ions from cell phones, laptops, computers, Wi-Fi, etc.

If you’re stuck indoors all day long, a negative ion generator is a solution to seriously consider. Today, we’ll learn more about which the best negative ion bracelets are and their corresponding benefits.

  • Mood — negative ions have are effective in fighting seasonal affective disorders. In addition, ion therapy might help in chronic-non seasonal depression, reduce depression and anger and therefore, boost the mood.
  • Stress — current research shows that anions can reduce levels of stress and anxiety, but also improve mental performance. These ions also manage to reduce the rates of headaches and sickness.
  • Breathing — negative ions enhance the capacity of the cilia (tiny hairs in the trachea). This reduces the risk for respiratory conditions such as cold, flu, and laryngitis, while also neutralizing the effects of tobacco smoke and other toxins.
  • Sleep — studies have shown that negative ions can inhibit serotonin overproduction, which in turn improves sleep quality.

Best Negative Ion Protection Bracelets.

The QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet is one of the best EMF shield bracelets available — if not the best. We say this because this is a 4-in-1 device that works to protect your body against harmful EMF/EMR.

Let’s see the most important properties of this negative ion bracelet:

Negative Ion Generator.

Obviously, the most important feature of the QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet is that it works as a negative ion generator. The silicone components in this bracelet are rich in negative ion powder. These negative ions benefit your emotional state, respiratory functions, sleep quality and even improve mental performance.

As a negative ion generator, the QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet counteracts the positive-charge particles from tech devices, power lines, vehicles, and other pollutants. This bracelet rejuvenates your body and replaces depleted negative ios levels. Additionally, it improves both the mental and physical performance and the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

Unipolar Neodymium Magnets.

This is the strongest permanent earth bio magnet available. Neodymium is one of the most reactive rare earth metals today. It helps balance the body’s biomagnetism, achieves holistic health, and speeds up internal healing processes.

NASA uses Neodymium magnets to prevent muscle and bone muscle loss in astronauts during space flights. Also called “the king of magnet”, neodymium can have an impact of 3-4 inches on (and into) the skin.

This is probably why these magnets help treat soft-tissue damage in the back, shoulders, hips, knees, etc. Neodymium magnets also work to improve blood circulation and relieve joint and muscle pain, and they are compatible with both adults and children.

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99.99% Germanium components.

They are very important to prevent migraines and boost your immunity. Germanium is a chemical element found in small amounts in carbon-based materials and ores.

This element boosts the immune system and promotes healthy cell functioning. Germanium also soothes inflammation, prevents osteoporosis, and has antioxidant properties.

Germanium components also help in treating allergies, arthritis, depression, asthma, hypertension, cholesterol, glaucoma, and low energy. But Germanium is also used to increase blood circulation in the brain, thus avoiding symptoms of HIV, AIDS, and cancer. All benefits considered this product is one of the best protection bracelets out there.

FIR Technology.

The far infrared ceramic inserts in the bracelet are capable of absorbing energy from various sources. The minerals in the QuanThor EMF Negative Ion Bracelet charge through far-infrared waves which mimic natural sunlight. The FIR attaches to the minerals in the bracelet, which then stimulates the surrounding air to create ions.

Far infrared rays can improve the vascular system, provide short-term relief for rheumatoid arthritis, reduce pain, prevent aging, and decrease blood pressure.

FIR technology detoxifies the body, helps with chronic fatigue, lowers the side effects of diabetes, and boosts motor functions. FIR is biologically safe, while its therapeutic results are often used in alternative medicine.

Bonus EMF Protection Tourmaline Pendant.

People who buy the QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet 4-in-1 also get a free EMF Protection Pendant. This self-confidence booster makes a perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

The QuanThor EMF Protection Pendant is also a personal EMF protection device. Designed for continuous wearing, the Black Tourmaline pendant is a negative ion generator with Japanese volcanic lava that also produces far infrared radiation.

This is one of the best negative ion pendants available because Tourmaline is the only mineral that displays permanent electricity on earth, but also a great natural source of negatively charged ions.

Therefore, by generating negatively charged ions, this anti-EMF device fights the electromagnetic radiation coming from your cell phones, tablets, laptops, WiFi devices, Bluetooth, and else.

But what can this pendant do besides strengthening the body’s biofield and shielding against electromagnetic radiation and smog? The QuanThor pendant reduces stress and anxiety while promoting calmness and peacefulness.

The Black Tourmaline Pendant reduces inflammation, enhances mental focus ability, improves sleep, and promote the un-clumping of cells. It also helps reduce negative thought patterns, increases positive energy, and supports optimal blood circulation.

QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet: One of the Best EMF Protection Bracelets.

Even if you consider it a simple negative ion generator, the QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet is impressive enough. EMF (electromagnetic fields) are a form of positive ions generated by electronics and electricity sources.

EMFs link to a series of diseases and conditions, while also being believed to increase the risk of cancer. By emitting negatively charged ions, the QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet defends against electromagnetic fields, ensuring your overall wellbeing around the clock. But, this bracelet is so much more than that.

The unipolar neodymium magnets balance out your magnetic field and improve overall health and just about any type of pain that you can think of. Its Germanium components enhance the immune system, reduce headaches, fight free radicals, and alleviate depression.

Finally, FIR technology reduces blood pressure, eliminates toxins, and reduces fatigue. Considering how with each EMF Protection Bracelet you get a free EMF Protection Tourmaline Pendant, we believe that this is the best negative ion bracelet offer that you can get. And you should take advantage of it now!

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