Negative Ion Bracelets: The 5 Health Benefits You Never Knew!

Negative ion bracelets

As odd as it may sound, not all negative things in the world are bad. When it comes to ions, negative ions provide an array of positive effects. Because of this reason, more and more people show interest in wearing negative ion bracelets.

Luckily, recent technological breakthroughs have allowed negative ion bracelets similar wearable products to become available to the major population.

What are Negative Ions?

Negative ions, found in abundance in nature, also go by the name anions. It is because of negative ions that we oftentimes feel happy and recharged whenever in nature. In fact, negative ions are byproducts of the ionization effects of water, air, sunlight and the natural radiation coming from the Earth.

What are Positive Ions?

Positive ions, or cations, form with the loss of electrons and are highly harmful to our health. Exposure to positive ions can cause a variety of issues, including allergies, asthma, infections, tiredness, depression, and anxiety.

Some of the main sources of positive ions include electronic gadgets like air-conditioning systems, computers, laptops, and phones.

The Biggest 4  Medical Condition generated by

Electromagnetic Radiation


Is RADIATION From Your Cell Phone Making You Sick?

Our health and lives are at stake, and that isn’t overstating  the case. 



Negative Ion Bracelets, do They Work?

Today, technology is an essential part of our daily lives. With this, we have distanced ourselves from nature and remained stuck in urbanized areas. Unfortunately, this lifestyle makes us more exposed to positive than negative ions. So, how does one find negative ions to begin with?

The development of latest technologies made it possible for us to use the many positive properties of negative ions. Nowadays, many online and retail stores sell negative ion products, whether as negative ion bracelets, pendants, or other similar devices.

The Best Negative Ion Bracelets Available Today.

As one of the most recommended products of its sort, the award-winning QuanThor’s negative ion bracelets gather everyone’s attention for all good reasons.

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Offering a line of clinically safe products, QuanThor boosts your health via a smart Anti-EMF Radiation Protection Bracelet. What makes this negative ion bracelet so beneficial and popular is its ability to shield you from gadget-provoked EMF radiation.

One of the best thing about these negative ion bracelets is that you can freely wear them as EMF pendants as well. This makes the device quite versatile, with users praising its positive effects, only weeks after wearing it.

Top 5 Benefits of Negative ion Bracelets.

Negative ions as anti-depressants.

Have you noticed that when you take a break from the city chaos and retreat to nature, you immediately feel re-energized? Well, this is all due to your close proximity to areas swiped with negative ions.

These counteract with positive ions, which usually tend to make you feel weak and tired. Because of this quality, negative ions are widely used as anti-depressants. Once exposed to their marvels, negative ion bracelets and similar products will effectively replenish your energy.

Negative ions improve the air quality.

As it turns out, negative ions lower down the level of dust, pollen, smoke, and other air pollutants.

Similar to what it does to air pollutants, negative ions can also combat airborne viruses and bacteria, thus significantly decreasing sickness in your home.

Natural EMF Radiation Protection.

Gadgets, like laptops and smartphones, have become an inseperable part of our day-to-day lives. While important, electronic devices emit harmful electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

To limit thos,e many people use negative ion bracelets. And, they work!

Deliver a strong brain boost.

Among other things, negative ion bracelets are also a friend to the brain and boost mental clarity. In addition, countless studies show that negative ions ease up the flow of oxygen to the brain. As a result, negative ion bracelets give the person a clear focus and allow a greater mental ability.

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