Negative Ion Bracelet: 5 top benefits you don’t know


Negative Ion Bracelet

Come to think of it, not all negative things in the world are bad. When it comes to ions– the atoms and molecules in our midst– negative ions are the ones that produce the positive effects.

With the world’s continued technological breakthroughs, negative ion bracelets and other similar wearable products are now at your fingertips.

Nature supplies us with these negative ions, also known as anions. No wonder, you feel happy and recharged whenever you commune with nature, be in the mountains, waterfalls or beaches. Negative ions are byproducts of the ionization effects of water, air, sunlight and the natural radiation coming from the Earth.

Thousands of negative ions can be found in nature.

Positive ions, or cations, formed by the loss of electrons, are harmful on the other hand. Exposure to these contributes to allergies like asthma, infections, tiredness, depression, and anxiety.

Machines and gadgets like air-conditioning systems, computers, printers and photocopiers produce positively-charged ions.


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Negative ion bracelets, do they work?

With the technology now an essential part of our daily lives and as we move farther away from nature and squeeze ourselves in urban centers, we get more positive ions than negative ions. But how do we create the necessary balance for us to maintain our well-being?

Our modern technology tapped into natural minerals to bring us the positive properties of negative ions. Online and retail stores sell negative ion products, in the form of negative ion bracelets, pendants, and other devices.

The award-winning QuanThor is one of the makers of these negative ion products.

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Offering a line of products which are clinically-proven to be safe, QuanThor promises to boost one’s well being through its Anti-EMF Radiation Protection Bracelet, which protects the wearer from the harmful electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation we usually get from machines and gadgets.

Packed with negative ions and magnetic power, the negative ion bracelet likewise comes with an anti-EMF pendant. According to some negative ion bracelet reviews, users of the negative ion products noted some positive effects a week after wearing them.

What are the top 5 negative ions health benefits? 

1. Negative ions as anti-depressants. Have you noticed that when you take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and decide to retreat to nature, you immediately feel refreshed and re-energized? You get in contact with negative ions through nature.

These counteract with positive ions which make someone feel weak and tired. They, thus, work as anti-depressants. So after getting negative ions, you always end up in high spirits.

2. Negative ions improve the quality of air that we breathe. They lower down the level of dusts, pollen, smoke and other pollutants in the air.

3. Similar to what it does to air pollutants, negative ions can also combat airborne viruses and bacteria, thus significantly decreasing sickness in your home.

Against Electromagnetic field radiation

4. Gadgets, like laptops and smart phones, have become inseperable part of our day-to-day lives. While these devices are important, they emit harmful electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

The possible effects of longtime exposure to EMF could be from headache and fatigue to severe ones like cancer and DNA damage. Negative ion products protect you from the delibitating effects of the EMF.

5. Negative ions are also a friend to the brain as they boost mental clarity and focus. Studies show that negative ions ease up the flow of oxygen to the brain. These, thus, give the person a clear mind and allow him to easily focus on a given mental task.

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