Solved: How Nature Really Affects the Brain?

nature walking benefits

Walking in nature undeniably makes us feel good. But does this actually affect our mental and physical well-being? You may be surprised to know that this is indeed true. There have been several scientific evidence proving its profound impact on our brains and how nature walking benefits improve our behavior, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase attention.

Let’s find out how nature affects the brain, so you’ll finally decide to go out to rid yourself off of distractions that pummel your modern brain.

Nature is Brain’s Medicine

Nature walking benefits are plenty, which is why nature has a relevant role in improving our overall health. Studies have shown that nature walking benefits allow people to have pleasurable experiences.

On the other hand, a high-stress environment has detrimental effects on mental and physical health. It affects memory and learning, increases weight gain, weakens the immune system, triggers emotional and depressive problems among many others.

Greatest Nature Walking Benefits to Boost Your Brain?
  • Nature distresses the brain

Stress, anxiety, and depression are some common conditions many people deal with. But according to research, you can fight all these thanks to the many nature walking benefits. 

This was proven in a study conducted in Japan where participants were assigned to either walk in the forest or in the city center. While they walk, their heart rate and blood pressure were monitored and measured. They also filled out questionnaires with some psychological measures such as stress levels and mood. The results have shown that walking in the forest lowers the heart rate, reduces stress and anxiety, and prevents depression. Those who walked in urban settings, however, had a more elevated stress and anxiety level.

There is no clear reasoning as to how natural spaces produce these mental health benefits. Yet, it is clear that there is something in nature that relieves and soothes our brains to help us recover from daily stresses quicker.

  • Nature improves the mood

Heavy-traffic in city life is enough to make us all brood. Ultimately, this results in a sour mood that we carry over throughout the day. You can certainly improve this mood by taking a several-minute walk in a natural setting. Less anxious and less rumination, this is your brain on nature. Positive thoughts will reign in on your brain resulting in improved performance in whatever task you have.

Decreased rumination (attention to distress) happens because while in nature, your brain becomes more active. When this area of the brain is deactivated, depression and anxiety creep in. Thus, nature walking benefits affect us in ways that impact our mood.

This suggests that natural spaces in urban areas need to increase in number. City planners need to include ecosystem services to public policies so citizens can think and feel better. Not only will these affect individuals but society as a whole.

  • Nature increases creativity

Now that technology is all around us, we give so much attention that we begin experiencing fatigue and burnouts. To get back to a normal, healthy state, experts suggest that we spend time with nature every now and then. This will keep us far from electronic exposure and closer to our natural roots. The result? Better problem-solving skills and creativity.

You can always make the most of the many nature walking benefits by being creative and energetic. Even experts suggest that as your brain multitasks, you should allow it to rest, too. Letting your prefrontal cortex recover will increase both your creativity and problem-solving skills.

  • Nature improves overall mental performance

The fast-paced, digital life fatigues the brain causing us to easily feel tired and stressed out. With this exposure to busywork, we need more natural surroundings than ever before. Natural ambients can make us feel better and improve our overall mental performance, too.

As we experience something new, physical, and emotional senses stimulate brain connections. This causes brain’s nerve cells to create natural brain nutrients that make them stronger and improves memory. It is essentially the same mechanism people use with problem-solving skills and creativity.  

Though there isn’t any required amount of exposure to nature, this finding goes to show that we need nature in our everyday lives. Nature walking benefits are entangled and so should we to nature. It is a free resource that helps us restore our mental and psychological health.


The effect of nature on the brain still remains a mystery to this date. But experts and laymen know that using all nature walking benefits right is not about intuition only. If you spend at least 30 minutes daily just feeling the earth on your feet— you’ve done plenty!

All mentioned findings urge us to spend more time in nature and preserve it, whether locally or globally. This way, people can be more creative, mentally sharp, happy and healthy.

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