Best Exercises and Workouts to Do in Nature

nature exercising benefits

Whatever the season, exercising outside is much better than spending hours in the sweaty walls of the gym. In fact, there are lots of nature exercising benefits which reinvigorate both our minds and spirits. Walking in nature isn’t the only form of exercise you can do outside. While walking in nature benefits us in many ways, nature exercising benefits are also important to consider.  

This is exactly what this article is about!

Keep reading to know how to use up all nature exercising benefits which affect your physical and mental health.

Best Nature Exercising Benefits You Should Know:

  1. Yoga

Tall trees, fern leaves, gushing waters, and other natural elements increase one’s internal focus. As these are important aspects of yoga practice, all practitioners should aim to attain them. One sure way to do achieve them is to do yoga exercise with nature. So, take that deep soothing breath of air and experience nature’s healing power.

  1. Trail running

Treadmill running indoors has become an inclination of many due to their busy timetable. But if you can, give trail running into nature’s tread a try instead. Nature trailing is much more stimulating than trailing indoors as you get to see and stride on various terrains. Because of this, you can also end up burning more calories.

In addition, trail running in nature provides a more visually entertaining run because of the many refreshing natural elements you’ll get to see. While you’re at it, you can also help nature by picking up the litters around. This practice called plogging will also help you burn those fats in your arms and legs.

  1. Weight and strength training

Using your own body weight or any free weights, you can do workouts in any nearby natural space. Weight training was found to improve mood in a study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Imagine what it can do if done outdoors. You’re basically giving yourself a double dose of benefits. Weight and strength training in nature is packed with benefits. They will improve your psychological health, heart health, body composition, and endurance.

  1. Circuit training

High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a workout that needs no equipment. Because of this, you can do it basically anywhere you choose. Of course, it’s best done outdoors. This workout exercise may include high-intensity activities such as jumping jacks and squats and concluded with walking and resting. Some of the main nature exercising benefits is an elevated metabolism, lower blood pressure, insulin regulation, and high energy levels.

  1. Cycling

If cycling is already your favorite pastime, you need not change it. Instead, change the path you take and go pedal around your neighborhood or in a nearby forest. Not only is this exercise good for your heart health, but it’s also a way for you to explore around. Better yet, take this exercise as an alternative to taking the public transit or driving. By doing so, you are helping nature while you get its benefits too! Just be sure not to go off trail or to cycle in areas where you aren’t allowed.

  1. Pyramid Training

Nature walks can be made more fun and engaging. With access to lots of trees, you can do pyramid training. For this exercise, you only need to sprint going to a tree and then walk to another one. Increase the number of sprints and walks up to three and then work back to one. The nature exercising benefits will be evident in this simple exercise. Feel your heart pump and your legs and arms get stronger as you take in all that fresh oxygen in nature.

  1. Rock Training

Rocks are only some of the free training equipment you’ll come across in nature. If you’re aiming for increased power and strength, you can do some ‘rock slams’ where you basically lift rocks over and slam them in front of you. Psychologically, this also lets you release your daily stresses as you slam them. If you want a more relaxing rock regimen, then use them as an equipment for planking. ultimately, this is one of those nature exercising benefits that strengthen your entire core.

  1. Beach Training

The beach may be a relaxing place, but it’s also a good spot to work on your body’s stabilization. You can try surfing and perform planks where you will be working on keeping your body tight and afloat, and your legs straight. After which, have a dip into the ocean to wrap up your sweaty session and to refresh yourself. Do as much as your body can hold, but don’t forget to look after your own safety.


Walking in nature is just one of the dozens of exercises and workouts you can perform on any natural space. Incorporating any of the aforementioned training and exercises to your lifestyle will help you achieve your target in terms of health. Anyone can do all of the aforementioned nature exercising benefits in a highly favorable and positive way.