3 Scientific Studies on Natural Negative Ions Sources 

Natural Negative Ions Sources

Mother Nature had blessed us with everything that every living being needs. From the air that we breathe to the food we eat, the water that we drink, and the soil we live on. That said, we largely depend on and benefit from natural negative ions sources.

Unfortunately, with pollution, we destroyed forests and encouraged the production of positive ions which have detrimental effects on our body. To help counteract the effect of positive ions, we need to reintroduce negative ions in our system is an important consideration.

What are Negative Ions?

Negative ions are molecules that have gained one or more electrons, unlike positive ions which lack one or more electrons. Since positive ions have lost electrons, exposure to positive ions can have serious effects on our body. Such include mental disorders, weakened immune system, etc.

Meanwhile, prolonged and constant exposure to negative ions had been proven to have great benefits to our body.

Natural Negative Ions Sources.

  • Natural Negative Ions.

Negative ions are naturally abundant in nature. Some of the greatest natural negative ions sources include forests, mountains, rivers, and waterfalls.

  • Artificial Negative Ions.

With the discovery of negative ions, many companies have invested in creating negative ions with the use of machines and gadgets called ionizers. This way, people wouldn’t have to go far to find negative ions sources and use them to their benefit.

3 Scientific Studies on Natural Negative Ions Sources.

  1. Negative Air Ions and Their Effects on Human Health, by Shu-Ye Jiang, et al.

This study focuses on negative ions found in the air and their effects on our body. Shu-Ye-Jiang and his co-researchers have found out that negative air ions can be produced by radioactive elements found naturally in the soil namely, radium, thorium, actinium, and uranium.

These elements emit alpha, beta, or even gamma rays which in turn ionize the air. With this discovery, it is discovered that cosmic and radiant ray ionization is universal to the earth’s atmosphere.

This accounts for 20% of total ionization on all land surfaces. Moreover, they are also the major contributor of negative ions to oceans and rivers.

There is no known negative ions health risk discovered in this study. Instead, the researchers noted beneficial effects in humans such as relieving symptoms of allergy caused by pollen, spores, molds, or any other allergens present in the air.

  1. Study on the Infrared Radiation Performance of Tourmaline Composite, by Jian Bin Liao, et al.

Jean Bin Liao, a famous Chinese researcher, has conducted a study on the performance of infrared radiation produced by tourmaline composite. Mr. Bin Liao and company noted that tourmaline composite has great effects with regards to infrared radiation performance.

Black tourmaline, one of the types of tourmaline used in this research, noted an increased release of negative ions compared to other types of tourmaline. Tourmaline is a natural mineral, whereas black tourmaline is a rare type of tourmaline with greater effects than the rest.

This study also mentioned the positive effects of tourmaline, specifically black tourmaline, with regards to health. Shortly, black tourmaline is a piezoelectric substance emitting an abundant number of negative ions under heat or pressure.

These ions have great effects on the human body, such as supporting liver and kidney, enhancing the immunity, and providing proper blood circulation. Black tourmalines are also the principal ingredient for magnetic therapy which utilizes negative ions to treat various kinds of diseases.

  1. Air Ions and Mood Outcomes, by Vanessa Perez, et al.

This study focuses on the psychological effects of air ions (positive and negative ions) to humans. Negative and positive ions are constantly counteracting each other everywhere in the world. Mrs. Perez and company wants to identify the effects of these ions to a person’s anxiety, depression, mood states, and overall mental health.

This study utilized five experimental methods including a structured interview guide as their tool to measure the level of anxiety using meta-analysis. Their test subjects were people constantly dealing with both positive and negative ions.

Results showed that there was a significant reduction of depression ratings and no reduction or increase in depression in people living in cities.

This study shows that people exposed to negative ions showed lower depression compared to people constantly exposed to them.


Negative ions promote great effects on humans, now supported by studies and research.

However, we are still far from discovering the truth about negative ions and their effects on the human body.

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