Are Microwave Ovens Bad for Your Health?

Microwave ovens caution

Quick and easy to use! Top-notch quality and worldwide fame! Yes, all these words oftentimes describe microwave ovens. Yet, many nowadays suggest that with the use of microwave ovens follows a microwave ovens caution. Significantly, this is an aspect we need to take into consideration, especially health-wise.

Though the kitchen marvel has proven its worth, it also comes with some health complications or risks. Is there a reason we should worry about this convenient home appliance?

The following article will offer a bigger insight on whether this kitchen gear is health-friendly.

Also, we’ll get to touch the issue of whether microwave ovens caution is necessary. Read on.

How do microwaves work?

First, electrical energy from a power outlet transforms into radio waves. The magnetron, the microwave’s generator, is responsible for this conversion. This uniformly exposes food in the microwave oven to the radio waves. Next, the waves penetrate into the food, providing energy to water and other molecules causing them to vibrate faster. This molecule vibration generates heat faster and so food heats or cooks faster as well. Note that microwaves are radio waves with frequencies varying between 300 million cycles per second (300 MHz), and 3 GHz. Also, when the microwave oven works, it generates an electromagnetic field. Therefore, in one way or the other, we are exposed to lots of EMFs stemming from microwave ovens.

Microwave ovens caution in terms of food

Oven-triggered radiations provoke a change in the food molecular structure. The heat brought to the food also comes along with the loss of some food nutrients, and hence quality. The microwave radiations disrupt food molecular and chemical bonds, literally splitting their atoms apart. This demolishes and distorts the biochemical structures and composition of the food molecules, creating new dangerous chemical compounds. These harmful molecules are able to damage your body in multiple ways.

Microwaving cooking/heating damages human breast milk and vitamin B-12

The scientific research and studies go way back. In 1992, a team of pediatric researchers presented the results of using microwave ovens at home. The results revealed an impairment of lysozyme activity, antibodies decline, and reduced milk bacteria-fighting agents.

Another serious concern is microwaving milk and meat products. One publication revealed the consequences of microwave exposure on vitamin B-12 levels. The results showed that 30-40% of vitamin B-12 goes to the food. Moreover, here the vitamin also converts into an inactive form.

Carcinogens in food might result from microwaves

Using plastics to wrap up foods in the microwave often leads to carcinogens in the food. As stated, certain chemicals as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), xylene, and benzene are present in the packaging of microwavable foods. One of the biggest microwave ovens caution is the possible carcinogens release in the plastic while cooking. The human body quickly absorbs these carcinogens, especially while eating, which leads to additional health threats.

Other disorders, like cataracts and blood consistency issues, are also a consequence of microwave oven cooking. Yet, there is still no clear proof which confirms the truth to the listed microwave oven caution.