Magnetic therapy weightloss: Real or Myth?

Magnetic therapy weightloss Real or Myth

Weight-loss had never been a walk in the park and many have had attempts without obvious results. In order for it to be successful, one must have a combination of discipline and effort to make it work. But amid all the fad diets available out there, there are effective Magnetic therapy weight loss methods to help, if not do the whole work for you. Magnetic Therapy has been identified as a key player in controlling pain.

Some products available in the market claim that even without diet and exercise, getting your ideal weight is plausible. But is it a myth or is there a scientific basis behind it?

Magnetic Therapy with bracelets

Metal and minerals were mounted on bracelets (some call them magnet bracelets), offering vitality, healing, and overall wellbeing to the wearer. QuanThor’s 4-in-1 energy bracelet offers to do such with its anti-electromagnetic field and magnetic properties.

It has the neodymium magnets, the strongest bio magnet available on Earth. It emits between 1000 to 1200 Gauss, the magnetic flux density both ideal to restore the body’s own biofield that promotes wellness and relaxation, and yet safe to wear on a continuing basis. The magnetic bracelet also has 99.99% germanium which can boost one’s immune system and help one to shed pounds.

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But how can magnetic bracelets contribute to weight-loss?

Magnetic therapy weight loss and metabolism

Magnetic therapy weight loss is extremely effectiveMetabolism plays an important part in weight loss. This biological process converts your food and water intake into energy. Even when you are sleeping or at rest, your body still needs the energy for necessary functions like respiration, blood circulation, hormone adjustment and cellular repair. The pace by which your body does this is known as the metabolic rate.

The core requirement for losing weight?

To lose weight, ideally, one must have a faster metabolic rate and a regular energy intake that is lower than the calories which the body burns. With physical activities, the body will use up the stored energy through body fat, protein and glycogen. This is the time that the body will begin to lose weight. It is important to note that lack of sleep is one of the common reasons for not losing weight. Know the causes of lack of sleep here.

The potency of the magnetic field on the human body

When the magnetic field is said to pass through the body, the voltage of the cells increases, bringing the cell functions to its optimum level. This energy makes cells absorb nutrients and get rid of wastes faster and easier, resulting in faster cellular metabolism. With an increased metabolic rate, the body will burn calories even faster.

Studies on magnetic therapy said magnets have the capacity to improve the physiology of human cells. With improved blood flow as one of the side effects of magnet therapy, the body is able to get more oxygen. With an accelerated rate of cellular respiration, macronutrients such as carbohydrates and fats get to be converted into energy at a faster rate.

The north pole of a magnet

Magnetic therapy proponents also claim that the north pole of a magnet can speed up metabolism while the south can slow it down. To improve your metabolism, you have to place the north pole of the magnet on the base of your throat where your thyroid is. The same principles in acupuncture apply here. In acupuncture, stimulating certain points in the body has an effect on internal organs and certain processes of the body.

What about the results?

Wearers of magnetic bracelets claimed losing weight weeks after using the products. Critics of magnet therapy say it could be a placebo effect. Placebo or real, however, magnetic bracelets bring positive effects to the wearers, apart from improving his or her own style.

While tapping into the wonders of magnetic bracelets, do not ditch appropriate diet and exercise, and all your effort from the Magnetic therapy weight loss will surely pay off.

The photo caption of lose-weight-1968908_1920.jpg: Magnetic bracelets speeds up cellular metabolism helping one shed pounds faster. To know more about the Magnetic therapy weight loss, contact us

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