Magnetic Therapy Bracelets: Everything You Need to Know!

Two thousand years ago, magnets occurring naturally, called lodestones, have been used as compasses. Scientists discovered that the earth itself is a big magnet, which was the foundation to kick off the popular magnetic therapy, often done through amagnetic therapy bracelet.

As time passed by, it was discovered that magnets and electricity are related to each other. One famous machine that uses magnetism is the MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI makes use of a large magnet as well as radio waves to scan organs and body structures. It is a diagnostic tool by health care professionals to know the condition. It is also to check the extent of the damage in the body of the patient. This is very helpful in brain injuries or spinal cord in real-time situations.

Despite the advancement of science and the medical field, the existing treatment of cancer, and other health problems is not enough to prevent or cure this issue. The existing treatment for cancer alone is destructive, painful, full of side effects, risky, and extremely expensive. There is no identified prevention for cancer as of now.

The Power of A Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

Unsolved medical problems pushed the medical industry to find alternative medicine such as herbal medicine, acupressure, and magnetic therapy. Herbal medicine is an ancient art that is passed from generation to generation. Today, one can think of grandma and grandpa giving a concoction when encountering loose movement or brewed raw coffee on a cold winter night.  It is a natural science that uses plant extracts to enhance the well-being or promote the treatment of sickness. There is a big variability in patient response to this medical field. Acupressure surfaced in the medical field by using pressure points of the body for good health and pain control. Today, magnets are popular in society. They are on socks, hats, athletic wear, and mattresses.

Do Magnets Work?

According to a study in the 1800s, the use of magnets has been labeled dangerous. In the 1970s, Albert Roy, who studied magnetic effect separating negative and positive charges, claimed its different effects on humans. Davis claimed that magnetic energy can destroy cancer cells, relieve arthritis pain, and reverse infertility.

Today, every device in the medical industry claims that evidence is inconclusive. Further studies also inspected the effect of these magnets to devices, such as pacemaker or insulin pump. It is very dangerous when this magnetic bracelet comes very near or comes in contact with such life-giving devices.

Magnet Types

The type of magnets that have inconclusive evidence on the medical industry is a static or constant magnet, which is stationary. This is the old version type while newer versions have employed crystals combined with magnetic impulses. Newer versions are with crystals, such as tourmaline. They emit negative ions.

Crystals have properties that give off electric energy when under pressure. An example of a crystal application is on cigarette lighters. The crystal inside a lighter gives off an electric spark when hammered by a pin.  Negative ion has been studied extensively. Hundreds of papers had been published on its benefits.

The tourmaline bracelet or necklace with therapeutic magnetic inserts is ornamental and easy to use. It has been studied that tourmaline crystals emit negative ions together with magnetic material. The magnetic negative energy is increased with its use.

Magnetic Therapy

The kind of therapy where there is the use of electromagnetic impulses to a specific area of the body is magnetic therapy. A magnetic therapy bracelet, ring, and necklace are common. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), magnetic therapy can reduce pain as well as treat various ailments of the body. Proponents of this product say that the product enhances the electromagnetic impulse of the blood flow. Theoretically, the magnetic ion of the bracelet helps in the healing of the injury and enhances the recovery of the body.

According to magnetic bracelet reviews and other types of magnetic therapy, devices claim that the healing effect of the magnetic energy can speed up the metabolism and lower acidity of the body. The ACS believes that cancer cells cannot live on the low acid environment of the body. Therefore, cancer cells and tumors stop spreading. The magnetic ion charge can adjust blood flow and reduce fatty deposits. It can even prevent psychological stresses that boost emotional conditions.

Magnetic bracelet benefits from reviews and testimonies have been positive and include:

  • Relieving headache and shoulder discomfort.
  • Reducing neck stiffness occurrence.
  • A magnetic therapy bracelet is easy to wear and fast to clean.

Another device that can help with the magnetic bracelet is the ion charge generator. It gives negative ion that enhances your health when you do not have a bracelet or necklace.

Final Thoughts

All in all, a magnetic therapy bracelet looks good, stylish, and has various health benefits. Moreover, they promote good blood flow and enhances energy flow throughout the body.  Try one now and experience its benefits firsthand!

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