Do Magnetic Bracelets Affect Other Devices?

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Over the years, the fight between magnetic bracelets and electronic gadgets has been threatening our health. What are the reasons for us to be terrified?

The are many claims about computers and watches that stopped working with a magnetic bracelet nearby. Can magnets really wreak havoc on our computers? Magnet-based bracelets emit static magnetic fields responsible for the overall wellness felt by the wearers. Even more, they improve blood circulation and provide pain relief to the person wearing them.

But we have learned in our science classes that a magnetic object has an effect on another magnetic object. Moreover, in its proximity, it can either attract or repel objects with magnetic properties or use electromagnetism. In fact, the distance of its influence depends on its strength, calculated in Gauss, or the magnetic flux density an object possesses.

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Magnetic Bracelets on Computers.

Back in the day of floppy disks, desktops used electromagnetic parts for their systems to function. (Who uses floppy disks nowadays?!)

So, the reports about magnets affecting computers could be true in a way. However, with how modern technology progresses so fast, most gadgets are now immune to magnetic fields. Therefore, magnetic interference does not affect the LED and LCD monitors of computers and television.

As for the hard-drives within laptops and computers, according to experts, there is a powerful magnet of around 14, 000 gauss inside each hard-drive. So only logic tells us that weak magnets, those emitting way lesser gauss, has no effect on hard-drives.

QuanThor’s four-in-one bracelets contain neodymium magnets, which emit between 1000 and 1200 Gauss. So, worry not! You can even use some available magnetic products in the market to tidy up your messy computer cables.

There is no danger wearing these bracelets close to other gadgets like smartphones and cameras. It is also safe to use them around USB sticks, memory cards, CDs, and DVDs, which contain non-magnetic materials. There are, however, some caveats to this.

Magnetic Bracelets on Watches.

Magnetic bracelets can be strong enough to affect the parts of mechanical watches. It could be this reason why magnets could slow down clocks and watches. Most modern watches nowadays, however, have non-magnetic parts that can resist a magnetic field of about 60 gauss. Other watches can resist up to 1, 000 gauss.

First of all, you must check the components of your watches and place your magnetic bracelets at a safe distance. Another device that you definitely should put your magnets away from is the pacemaker or heart defibrillator. This device implanted in the chest or abdomen controls the heart’s abnormal rhythm.

It uses electric impulses to regulate the heartbeat. The static magnetic field caused by magnetic bracelets can interfere with the functions of the device and, thus, adversely affect the person relying on it. Remember that safety is always paramount.

To be on the safe side, make sure your devices are immune to magnets and your magnetic bracelets do not come in close contact with your gadgets.

Worry not, most electronic gadgets nowadays are safe-proof of magnets.

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