5 Top Benefits of Wearing Magnetic Bracelet


5 Top Benefits of Wearing Magnetic Bracelet

In one way or another,  magnetic bracelets have piqued your curiosity. It could be the reason you are reading this now. These stylish hoops have recently taken the alternative medicine world by storm.

Not only are these fashionable but these promise health benefits that are sure to make you go after them.

Most of you think it is a new technology that makes them work but the knowledge behind magnets for therapy and wellness is as ancient as the Egyptian pyramids.

On the heels of the popularity of magnetic bracelets- some call them simply as magnet bracelets- are skeptics doubting their benefits. Promoters of magnetic therapy, on the other hand, argue its supposed health benefits as supported by research studies.

While they come as stylish accessories, magnetic bracelets are fitted with magnetic and negative ion producing properties. Take for example QuanThor 4 in 1  Magnetic Bracelet .

Magnetic Bracelet Therapy – Negative Ion Products

Its Anti EMF Radiation Protection Bracelet possesses neodymium magnets, the strongest biomagnet available on Earth. Biomagnets emit static magnetic field that is responsible for the bracelet’s therapeutic benefits.


Magnetic bracelets’ benefits

Let’s have a rundown on the benefits of magnetic bracelet.

It improves blood flow. Recent studies show that static magnetic fields can contribute to healing by keeping blood flowing.  Place iron fillings around a bar magnet and you would see them cling to the magnet.

According to physicists, the magnetic effect also applies to the blood’s hemoglobin which has iron. With the improved blood circulation, the body naturally gets rid of the toxins faster. It immediately counteract the harmful effects of toxins and other foreign substances.

It reduces the risk of heart attack. As we age, we become more susceptible to several lifestyle diseases such as heart ailments, diabetes and the likes. The thickening of the blood which happens due to several factors like aging, genetics, and diet, can weaken and damage blood vessels and subsequently raise the risks of heart attacks and aneurysm.

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An American physicist from Temple University Rongjia Tao had discovered that exposure to magnetic field can thin human blood. Since red blood cells contain iron, the blood viscosity of a person decreases by close to a third when subjected to a magnetic field.

It strengthens immunity. As a result of improved blood flow, the body’s immunity from diseases gets its much-needed boost. The magnetic fields also prevents blockage and obstruction in some parts of the body.

And so, with magnetic bracelet at hand, the chances of swelling and inflammation, especially in the joint areas, are also reduced.

Magnetic bracelets’ effects to wellbeing

Magnetic therapy speeds up metabolism, the ability of the body to convert calories into energy. Studies show that the magnetic therapy activates cell metabolism and ionizes the protoplasm of the cell, thereby re-energizing body tissues.

This process effectively speeds up one’s metabolic rate. Slow metabolism could mean that body cells cannot absorb fast enough the nutrients and minerals food provides.

And, faster metabolism contributes to weight-loss. So, with the right diet, magnetic bracelet could aid weight-loss and help one rid of his or her belly fat.

Magnetic bracelets can significantly amp up one’s wellness. Every day, we grapple with different levels of stresses, whether real or imagined. These wonderful bracelets ease anxiety and depression.

Apart from having the negative ions which raise the blood’s serotonin levels and uplift one’s mood, magnetic waves lengthen and relax the body’s soft tissues.


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