Magnetic Therapy Bracelets: Studies and Findings

magnetic bracelet effects

Magnetic therapy bracelets are one of the most intriguing accessories which bring beyond-positive health effects. There are many studies on the magnetic bracelet effects and its link to magnetic therapy. Some bracelets improve physical health, while others focus on the mental and spiritual aspect. Nonetheless, many agree that these magnetic bracelets have its alluring and positive effect on the wellbeing of the person.

What are Magnetic Therapy Bracelets?

These are bracelets made of metals – usually pure iron, copper or alloys. The bracelets use magnetic fields to demonstrate the ultimate magnetic bracelet effects. These bracelets engage magnetic gauss, a measure of magnetic fields from its magnetic north end to its magnetic south end. Magnetic therapy lies in the exchange of the fields.

The passage of magnetic ions brings pain relief, especially on muscle and joint pains. These bracelets are meant for the wrists, thus helping relieve blood pressure points, carpal tensions, and even stress. The promise of relief brought about by the wonders of alternative medicine has brought many people to purchase the accessory for magnetic therapy.

The Science behind Magnetic Therapy.

Considered a form of alternative medicine, magnetic therapy disrupts pressure in the body, realigns cell structures, and even stops swelling. However, many studies prove none of these to be true and factual.

Real-Life Testimonies on Wearing Magnetic Bracelets!

The first study exploring all magnetic bracelet effects was by students at the University of Iran. The study was later registered under the National Library of Medicine and posted on the Science Daily website.

The first study examines magnets in terms of preventing muscles and joints pain, healing internal organs, arthritis, insomnia, and stress. The students analyzed eight pieces of literature in order to prove or disprove the effectiveness of magnetic therapy to the said health issues.

The Second Study. 

The second study on the potential magnetic bracelet effects looks at the biomedical engineering aspect of magnets in physical therapies. However, the approach of understanding and proving magnetic therapy as an effective complementary medicine was more quantitative and experimental than the previous case. The research was led by Thomas Skalak, the chairperson of the Biomedical Engineering department of the University of Virginia.

He used his laboratory in order to conduct a series of tests on the efficacy of magnets to cure or even alleviate the pain, muscle, and joint pains. Mainly, he focused on the microcirculation area, which is the blood flow of the smallest vessels, which when affected, cause pain.

He uses laboratory rats to engage magnets, in controlled MilliTesla (mT) frequencies, to heal a swelling incident in order to prove the efficacy of magnets in alleviating such biomedical incident.

The research, and previous data on the effectiveness of magnet therapy as pain reliever give magnetic bracelets a go-ahead light. However, Skalak is yet to bring this experiment to the public, especially to athletes suffering from sprains, cramps, and swelling.

Is there truth and effectiveness behind magnetic therapy?

While there have been no scientific proofs on the effectiveness of magnetic therapy among humans, the fact that this complementary medicine has procured US$ 5 billion in sales for all the accessories marketed as paraphernalia to the said therapy indicates the trust people placed on the said process.

There are a lot of claims indicating the effectiveness of magnetic therapy bracelets, knee braces, magnet dots, etc. All these are actually able to help treat swelling, throbbing, muscle pains, and even anxiety. Nonetheless, there is no definite scientific proof of the effectiveness of magnets to heal pain and other muscle and organ problems.

Final Thoughts.

The magnetic bracelet effects are ideal for all those looking for a non-invasive medical approach. Insofar as many have bought it, many have also come to believe in its effectiveness.

Albeit the personal cases, there has been no scientific proof that these do cure diseases, and even alleviate muscle and joint pains.

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