5 Benefits of Wearing Protective Magnet Bracelets


Magnet bracelets have surely piqued your curiosity. These stylish hoops have recently taken the alternative medicine world by storm. Not only are magnet bracelets fashionable but these promise powerful health benefits.

Not a new technology at all, therapy magnets are as ancient as the Egyptian pyramids.

On the heels of the popularity of magnet bracelets, are skeptics doubting their benefits. Magnet therapy practitioners, on the other hand, argue in favor of its supposed health benefits, also supported by studies.

Also stylish accessories, magnet bracelets ooze magnetic and negative ion producing properties. Take for example QuanThor 4 in 1  Magnetic Bracelet .

Magnetic Bracelet Therapy – Negative Ion Products

This Anti-EMF Radiation Protection Bracelet possesses neodymium magnets, the strongest bio magnet available on Earth. Biomagnets emit a static magnetic field, responsible for the bracelet’s therapeutic benefits.

Magnet Bracelets Benefits.

Let’s have a rundown on the benefits of magnet bracelet.

It improves blood flow.

Recent studies show that static magnetic fields provide healing by keeping the blood flowing.  Place iron filings around a bar magnet and you will see them cling to the magnet.

According to physicists, this magnetic effect also applies to the blood’s hemoglobin, rich in iron. With improved blood circulation, the body naturally eliminates toxins. And it does it faster, too, while successfully neutralizing the harmful toxic effects.

It reduces heart attack risks.

As we age, we become more susceptible to several lifestyle diseases such as heart ailments, diabetes, and the likes. The thickening of the blood happens due to several factors. These include aging, genetics, and dieting, and can damage blood vessels. Of course, this will raise the risks of heart attacks and aneurysm.

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An American physicist from Temple University Rongjia Tao discovered that exposure to magnetic fields thins human blood. Since red blood cells contain iron, the blood quality decreases by close to a third if in the presence of a magnetic field.

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It strengthens immunity.

As a result of a blood flow boost, your immunity improves as well. The magnetic fields also prevent blockage and obstruction in some parts of the body.

Because of this risk, a magnet bracelet can reduce swelling and inflammation, especially in the joint areas.

Magnetic therapy speeds up the metabolism.

In turn, this converts calories into energy. Studies show that magnetic therapy activates cell metabolism and ionizes the cell protoplasm, thereby revitalizing body tissues.

This process effectively speeds up the metabolic rate. Otherwise, a slow metabolism will make the body unable to absorb nutrients fast enough.

Additionally, a faster metabolism contributes to a greater weight-loss. With the right diet, the magnetic bracelet will help you boost the weight-loss process.

Magnetic bracelets can significantly amp up one’s wellness.

Every day, we face serious stress, it goes without saying. To decrease those levels, rely on the powers of these wonderful bracelets.

Apart from reducing the serotonin blood levels and uplifting the mood, magnetic waves relax the body’s soft tissues.


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